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Lionesses WIN the semi-final and our HEARTS and minds.

I like football, but I don’t love it, yet this tournament has captured and gripped me; with the herculean efforts of this talented, driven, and inspiring team of women, also led by a formidable female lead coach. England’s women lifted and unified the nation with their incredible WIN in the semi-final of Euro 2022, last night. Prompting spontaneous celebrations across the Nation, and certainly in my home! This WIN brings the Lionesses an opportunity to go one better than their male counterparts 12 months ago and become European champions when they face either France or Germany at Wembley on Sunday. A record crowd for a Euro semi-final was greeted with tears, cheers, and choruses of “football’s coming home” in Sheffield city centre where about 2,000 fans had gathered to watch on a giant screen as the goals went in.

Having a daughter, myself, it is this exact show of GREATNESS, that can help support parents in the lessons we teach, that ANYTHING is possible if you work hard enough, and with these performances of immense skill, grit, determination, focus and not faltering under the extreme pressure, it makes our teaching all that much better. I must say that it isn’t just my daughter Grace (6) and I filling up with joy and pride, my son Thomas (9) too, is routing these women all the way too. As we still are experiencing turbulent times, this couldn’t come at a better time, with these females as role models, it really brings light, celebrations, and energy to the Nation we all need. So, a BIG thank you Lionesses, for all your inspiration and wishing you all the very best in the FINAL! Jen

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