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4 Day Week Working and Longer Living

In the current working climate, many of us, we suspect, have thought about working a 4-day week be that as employers or employees.

Is it possible for you? What are the advantages? Well, from reading about the experiences of other small companies or clients, who have taken this stance, it would seem that the benefits are many, as follows:

  • Improving the lives and wellbeing of the team and boosting loyalty

  • Talent attraction

  • Shared responses, feedback and support would be discussed at regular meetings

  • Productivity would be raised

  • Staff, on their 1 day off, have the freedom to use this time for family, school pick-ups, social meet ups and other morale boosting activities giving them time to relax and recharge for best/better endeavours on their workdays.

For royall, the rule we apply is that we always work a Monday and Friday.

Productivity must not go down and client and customer service must not suffer.

Each member of staff must ensure adequate cover each day.

People take the same day off each week, although there is always some flexibility.

Since adopting this pattern, we are more engaged, energised and with a renewed feeling of contentment at being in the workplace.

It is definitely something to think about and, in these tough competitive market times, at least a trial of this could appear to be a winner in the war to win talent.

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