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Our team of expert consultants have over 60+ years of combined recruitment experience within the creative sectors, including a 10+ year tenure within royall.


Founded in 2009 by Jen Royall, our senior team is augmented with long-standing Managing Director, Susan Tarver, and Operations Lead Naomi Donohue at the helm.


Proven to deliver invaluable advice, guidance, engagement, and talent solutions to our valued partners.


royall is committed to securing a legacy of meaningful, measurable, sustainable recruitment within an ever-evolving world.


Helping organisations achieve measurable success through their people.

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To lift the boundaries of human centric recruitment and engagement. Inspiring those we partner with to advance their teams, their culture, and their output, creating a legacy for us all.


People are the key to our success! Our team are specialists in their field with a combination of industry and recruitment experience.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jen has led our business for over 13 years and continues to determine royall’s vision and strategy by diversifying, futureproofing, and continuously developing our people, talent, and partnerships.

Jen has a passion to inspire and connect purpose in people and organisations, enabling meaningful change and sustainable growth.

Life at home:

Jen has two beautiful children called Thomas & Grace, and a Lucas Terrier called Fuzz. She loves horses, is learning Spanish and passionate about legacy.

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Managing Director

Susan manages royall’s recruitment business, and she is a key force in developing strategy and driving growth within the organisation, whilst leading vital client relationships. Susan has a truly empathetic, compassionate, and laser-focused approach to talent acquisition, bringing a uniquely human touch to each interaction.

Life at home:

Susan has three daughters, Ophelia, Cressida, and Camilla, and a lazy black Labrador, Dulcie. Considered the office foodie, she also loves discovering art, interiors, antiques, and music.

Operations Lead

Naomi is our Operations Lead, responsible for all internal business operations and managing both talent and client relationships. She is also pivotal in seeking new business opportunities. Gifted with enthusiasm, determination, resilience, and nurturing ability to support both the royall leadership and our key client and talent communities.

Life at home:

Naomi is a mum to two active children, Molly and Connor. A keen singer, dancer and sudoku fanatic, she’s also the only royall team member to boast a Blue Peter badge.

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Finance & Commercial Lead

Mike plays a crucial role in all aspects of the commercial and financial aspects of our organisation. He works to increase efficiencies, control business finances, and stimulate growth, whilst providing a safety net of judgement with an extensive background in technology, operations and marketing.  Mike is Jen’s Father, mentor, role model and guide. Together with Jen, he strives to build a legacy with royall that outlives them both.

Life at home:

Mike is a committed family man and grandfather, he enjoys long walks and even longer history books.

Development Lead

Karen’s role is to help translate strategy into clearly defined action plans and outcomes. She clarifies choices and enhances decision-making in order to engage, enable, and motivate the team, drawing from her extensive experience working with a spectrum of organisations, from charities and SMEs to global businesses.

Life at home:

Karen loves travelling the world, learning, and engaging with other cultures. A keen linguist, hiker, and rower, she remains fit in both body and mind.

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resolute Lead

Joanne is resolute Executive Director (RED) and focuses on leading client partnerships and driving strategic solutions focused on people, growth, and sustainability. She has a passion to develop ‘we can together’ mindsets where individual personality traits support successful working environments and business outcomes. Joanne is also an Independent Non-Executive (INED) Board Director with British Skydiving, and a Local Advisory Board member with Lambeth College.

Life at home:

Joanne is fluent in French and loves spending time exploring French gastronomy. When she’s not doing a HIIT, Joanne often travels between Africa and Australia, visiting family and old friends.

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