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Why you can, (and should), look back...

Traditionally, in our sector, it is rare to go back to a business you’ve worked for before, but in a world of niche roles and high job mobility, there are really good reasons why you should consider looking back.

A resignation isn’t a betrayal, it’s someone continuing their growth elsewhere for a while, so if you left your previous job on good terms and demonstrated strong performance, rehiring you later can only be a good idea for that organisation. You already have knowledge and experience within the company, and will require less training and onboarding than a new hire.

You’ll bring back with you experience you’ve gained from working elsewhere, making you an invaluable asset to the team. Additionally, you may be highly motivated to return to a company you enjoyed working for and will have a positive impact on team morale.

At Royall we maintain lifelong relationships with our candidates and our clients, and will always consider where you’ve come from, in helping you secure your future.

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