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Welcome to the C-Suite

Updated: Jul 10

Navigating the Evolving Executive Recruitment Landscape

Since the pandemic, the very top end of the recruitment market has been precarious, to say the least. Economic uncertainty and global events have led clients to be cautious about making high-cost executive hires to control costs and mitigate financial risks. Companies are restructuring and consolidating, resulting in a leaner management structure and fewer exec positions as operations are streamlined.

Exec. level positions are discussed with the utmost sensitivity, and attempts to make direct hires often fall apart before they cross the line. Executive-level talent acquisition has become a complex and strategic process requiring careful planning, a strong network, and an understanding of current trends and challenges, skills we @royall have in abundance.

Also in abundance, we have a pool of exceptional executives from premium brand agencies ready to bring value to our client partners, knowing clients that excel in this area are well-positioned to secure the leadership talent needed to drive long-term success. 

If you'd like to confidentially be introduced to our industry's best, please get in touch with me directly for my advice and assistance. You can also get a glimpse of the calibre of our candidates via the profiles listed anonymously here below.

With competition for talent as fierce as it is, it's worth remembering how critical company culture is, as this is one of the top reasons our C-Suites look to move, alongside making sure your compensation, opportunities and sustainable practices all fit the bill. We can advise on how to navigate all of this.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Exec Talent Profiles


Managing Director, CEO, COO, or Director of Client Strategy

Salary circa £110k-£120k + bens & bonus, 3 months’ notice.

SE London, flexible/hybrid


Are you seeking a dynamic executive with a proven track record in events management and client relations? With extensive experience spanning over a decade, this seasoned professional has excelled in roles at top-tier agencies and multinational corporations.


  • Strategic Leadership: Successfully managed high-profile events for prestigious clients across diverse sectors, including pharma, technology, and finance.

  • Project Excellence: Led end-to-end execution of large-scale conferences, exhibitions, and incentives, with budgets exceeding £1M.

  • Client Relationship Management: Built strong partnerships with global brands, ensuring exceptional service delivery and exceeding client expectations.

  • Team Leadership: Directed cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative environment and driving team performance to achieve outstanding results.


This exceptional C-suite candidate brings a unique blend of strategic vision, operational prowess, and creative flair to every project. They are now seeking a new opportunity to leverage their skills and contribute to success, sustainability and growth.


Director of Strategy & New Business

Salary circa £110k - £120k + bens & bonus, 3 months’ notice.

Central London, flexible/hybrid.


Meet a visionary leader with a remarkable track record in the creative industry. Positioned as a Board Director at a leading integrated event agency. With over 5.5 years of impactful leadership since the acquisition, this executive has been instrumental in driving significant growth, achieving an impressive 18% year-over-year expansion.


  • Poised for promotion to C-level post.

  • Leads creative strategic insights, pitches, and business development initiatives.

  • Highly respected across diverse sectors and industry influence including Pharma, Automotive, FinTech, and Professional Services.

  • Key driver in expanding market presence through strategic acquisitions and enhancing client experience with a unified, single-touchpoint approach.


This executive is exploring new opportunities at the highest levels of leadership, eager to apply strategic acumen and industry influence to drive organisational success. With a proactive approach to talent acquisition and development, they are poised to enhance strategic capabilities and propel business growth.


Agency Lead / MD (Exec Producer)

Circa £80k - £90k, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm

East Sussex, flexible/hybrid.


This seasoned executive has a robust career history in the agency world, starting in a independent full-service agency and later moving on to global firms.

His extensive event production experience includes managing multi-million-dollar show budgets and gaining valuable insights into client-side dynamics. His expertise spans diverse event projects, including product launches, theme park openings, conferences, award ceremonies, and global trade shows.


  • Expertise within complex, large scale, event management, stakeholder management, advanced technology and digital integration.

  • Contributed to Postgraduate Degree in Event Management.

  • Focus on client service and high-level pitching, he excels in navigating the complexities of large-scale events and enhancing agency growth through strategic leadership.

  • Expert engagement skills in pitching, creativity, and event delivery, contributing significantly to agency success and growth.


Client Strategy Director, Group Account Director, MD, Immediate

Salary circa £95k - £110k, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm

SW London, flexible/hybrid.


With over 15 years of strategic leadership and client engagement at Board level, this seasoned executive brings a wealth of experience across large corporate agencies, client-side roles, and SME events and experiential agencies. As well as holding NED positions.


  • Strategic leadership, client engagement, and team development.

  • Spearheaded 5-year strategic plans, enhanced profitability, and expanded client portfolios post-pandemic.

  • Known for her integrity and high moral compass, she excels in developing and executing comprehensive client strategies, fostering high-level relationships, and mentoring teams to achieve outstanding results.

  • Leadership, strategic insight, cross-functional collaboration, with multidisciplinary teams.

  • Balances empathy and assertiveness, adept at handling challenging conversations with positivity and elegance.


Client / Business Development Lead

Salary circa £80k - £90k, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm

Oxford, Home Counties & London, flexible/hybrid.


An accomplished Client Development and Sales Director with a rich career in global experience agencies, including roles at top-tier firms. Most recently, held a pivotal position focusing on sales development within live events, held the position of MD for three years, however, loves being at the sharp event of client services.


  • Commercially astute with a deep understanding of events, experiential, and integrated marketing. Adaptable across diverse business environments and has strong strategic vision.

  • A great mentor and coach who empowers teams to achieve operational excellence and personal growth. Advocates for collective creativity in solving strategic challenges and demonstrates leadership excellence.

  • Skilled in building strong rapport with clients, colleagues, and partners. Tailors’ relationship management strategies effectively to drive desired outcomes.

  • Leads cross-functional teams to develop solutions, improve performance, and drive profitability. A proactive problem-solver and strategic thinker, and great collaborator and innovator.

  • Led sales and client servicing, contributing to substantial growth and client satisfaction.

  • Developed robust sales strategies, focusing on maximizing business development opportunities and commercial potential.


Senior Digital Production Lead, Head of Digital

Salary circa £90k - £100k, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm.

London flexible, hybrid or fully remote.


Client Lead (Multimedia)

 A talented, charismatic, and super experienced client lead, extensive solutions experience in the creative communications sector. 

This candidate has successfully managed integrated projects and deliverable across digital, immersive, TV, video, social, and print.

His career journey includes roles at renowned London full-service agencies, as well as SME fast-paced global creative tech brands, where he consistently delivered exceptional results.


  • Started in a tech/network company before transitioning into the creative industry in 2000.

  • Held leadership roles at top agencies, contributing to innovative campaigns and immersive projects for global brands.

  • Passionate about digital production and cross-platform integration, adept at leveraging channels for optimal user experience.

  • Skilled in AR/VR/immersive tech, combining creative thinking with technical expertise.

  • Known for a genuine demeanour, resilience under pressure, and effective client and team engagement.

  • Thrives in both larger network agencies and smaller teams, bringing leadership, management, and hands-on expertise.

  • Adaptable to business restructures and operational shifts, with a flexible approach to aligning priorities and budgets.

  • Successfully managed projects at leading agencies, fostering creativity and innovation in advertising and digital spaces.

  • Open to growth opportunities in senior digital and multimedia production and or client service remits.


An advocate for virtual client-led remote working which fosters a more flexible and efficient work environment.  He enables teams to collaborate seamlessly across different time zones and locations.

This approach not only enhances productivity and work-life balance but also broadens access to a diverse talent pool, driving innovation and growth.


Experiential & Events Director, Executive Producer

Salary circa £80k-£90k, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm.


A first-class event director and executive producer with extensive experience in the creative comms and events agency sector. Boasting a remarkable background, having worked with high-profile clients and led large-scale global projects. Excels in strategic thinking, team leadership, and client engagement at the highest levels, making him a valuable asset for any organisation looking to create memorable and impactful live experiences.


  • Part of the senior leadership team, contributing to the agency’s strategy and operational management.

  • Guided the agency through the pandemic, repositioning its brand and developing new process management programs.

  • Drove key client wins and managed supplier relationships, ensuring top-tier service delivery.

  • Inspired Live Experience, Founder & Director

  • Proficient in developing long-term event strategies that drive brand engagement and business growth.

  • Expertise in conceptualising and producing innovative event experiences across diverse industries withing creative direction.

  • Strong ability to lead and inspire cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and excellence.

  • Client relations, highly skilled in managing and nurturing relationships with high-profile clients, ensuring satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Demonstrated ability to enhance agency operations, commercial acumen and profitability through robust thinking and process improvement.

  • Adept at incorporating digital solutions and creative content to enhance both live and virtual events, with technical advancement.

  • Leads the pitch process as Executive Producer, capable of managing a team of up to 10 direct reports.

  • Works effectively with teams and stakeholders to achieve common goals.

  • Balances creative vision with business acumen to drive profitability.

  • Engaging presenter who communicates complex ideas clearly to C-suite clients, fostering strong relationships.


Head of Production, Production Director - Multimedia

Salary circa £85k (flexible depending on opportunity), immediately available for contract consultant or perm.

London, flexible, hybrid.


An impressive track record of success from a prestigious global digital comms agency, renowned for innovative brand storytelling and digital transformation. With over 15 years' experience in leading multi-media production operations.


  • Expertise in building multidisciplinary agile teams.

  • Proven track record in recruiting and developing diverse talent globally.

  • Skilled in overseeing production processes across entertainment, manufacturing, and events.

  • Delivered high-quality outputs in entertainment, automotive, consumer goods, and technology sectors.

  • Known for creative excellence, digital innovation, and customer-centric solutions.

  • Led groundbreaking projects for global brands, pushing boundaries in creativity and technology.

  • Cultivated a collaborative culture to foster innovation and exceed client expectations.


Head of Operations, Virtual Experiences

Salary circa £60k+, immediately available for contract consultancy or perm.


Highly accomplished and dynamic agency Operations Lead with extensive experience in providing day-to-day operational leadership to multiple departments. Demonstrating a strong capacity for driving cross-functional collaboration. Works closely with company directors to develop and implement strategic plans that propel success. At the forefront of leading change, a catalyst for process improvement, ensuring efficiency across all operations.

Meticulously overseeing budgets for all internal and external projects, maintaining vigilant oversight to ensure targets are met. exceptional ability to identify necessary changes and react swiftly, ensuring the seamless execution of project goals.

  • Proven track record of aligning projects with financial goals.

  • Implements cost-effective strategies without compromising quality, achieving a harmonious balance between creativity and financial prudence.

  • Identifying opportunities for cost savings and optimising resources.

  • Strategic approach ensures staff and technology are utilised effectively, contributing to overall success.

  • Hands-on management style includes providing mentorship, guidance, and constructive feedback, resulting in the consistent surpassing of project goals.

  • Comprehensive understanding of HR, ability to manage the full recruitment cycle, from interviewing and candidate selection to contracting and creating bespoke onboarding plans

  • Control compliance with health and safety regulations, including equipment and fire safety, and adeptly handles disciplinary issues as required.


Overall, a strategic, results-driven leader with a deep commitment to operational excellence and team empowerment, making them an invaluable asset to any organisation seeking transformative leadership.


Senior Events Lead, Event / Project Director

Salary circa £65k+, 1 months’ notice.

Currently fully remote, may consider flexible/hybrid.


A seasoned senior events lead with a stellar track record and an A1 approach. Currently in a Project Director role, managing high-value events including a recent £1.6 million international exhibition, all while working remotely. With extensive experience in congresses, conferences, and brand activations, this candidate thrives in dynamic environments and values team collaboration and cultural fit.


  • Specialises in managing high-profile events and international exhibitions.

  • Proven track record in congresses, conferences, and brand activations.

  • Skilled in remote event management and team leadership.

  • Values team collaboration and cultural fit, thrives in dynamic environments.


This candidate brings engagement and a refreshing perspective to every project, ensuring success through meticulous planning and execution.

If you's like access to any of these talented individuals, please contact me directly.


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