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Talent Trends in 2023

As we watch the talent landscape shift before our eyes, we have to stay on top of how work itself is changing. Why? As an employer, if you want to be able to take advantage of new opportunities instead of being left behind, we must consider what the future of work holds.

The dilemma for employers of attracting talent in such a competitive market, with inflated salaries and greater demand on wellbeing, with the needs of the business and how to retain your existing team.

royall are sharing five trends we see shaping the future of work, changes we feel will fundamentally change the way we work, hire, and manage talent for the foreseeable future.

Trend 1: Flexibility and agility are required.

Flexibility and agility are no longer an advantage — they are requirements for success.

Where and when we work, what we work on, how we work, who we work for, and even who we are individually will continue to shift amidst the unrelenting pace of change.

Trend 2: Employees will expect the ability to EXPRESS their whole selves at work — and managers are going to need some support.

Gartner research says that 82% of employees believe it’s important that their company see them as a whole person, not just an employee. Links back to the 5 areas of wellbeing, we discuss last week,

This will require intentionally aligning shared goals, value, and purpose — and, critically, communicating that alignment to people.

Trend 3: Talent is getting redefined.

Organizations are rethinking the traditional requirements that are needed for a position to truly get the work done and done well. Not every role requires a full-time employee, and the best person to fill a role may not be seeking full-time employment at all.

Consensus is aptitude over direct ‘check the box’ experience will be needed to adjust and adapt to the pace of technological and economic change.

Trend 4: Relationship development and soft skills matter more than ever.

With some being in the office, some being remote, people in different time zones, and team members on different schedules, knowing how to communicate with, lead, and build a connected team in a hybrid world will be key for leaders and workers alike.

Trend 5: Workers redefine success.

With people still coping with the turbulence of the last few years, and more turbulence likely on the horizon, we will continue to see people prioritizing wanting to be better, do better, and find balance vs. traditional metrics of career success.

The greater pursuit of well-being, purpose, and ultimately finding happiness and contentment will be on the forefront of people’s minds as they consider where and how they want to work.

In summary;

Lean into the change positively.

Succeeding in this new world of work will require fluidity and a willingness to learn - organizations and individuals.

The need for talent to fully express themselves, is going to put a lot of pressure on managers, as they are ultimately going to be the people interacting directly with employees on behalf of the organization.

Some managers may need support in developing new skills and all managers will need to be empowered to facilitate people-company fit.

Hiring managers will need to be able to identify who has the potential to step into a role because they have the breadth of experience, skills, interests, and/or capabilities to fill in the gaps.

Many of us are already choosing to create these career mashups as an extension of expressing our whole selves, but more still will have to figure out what this looks like for them as industries transform and some roles simply cease to exist.

The best places to work will be the companies that understand what people want on an individual level and communicate how working with the organization will further their personal and career goals. And who is going to have to do that? Managers!

Many of us never really thought about what success means, we just accepted the definition of success that our parents provided to us.

This could be why there is lot of unhappiness, probably why almost everyone is planning to look for a new job in 2023. More on this soon.

We’re all navigating and co-creating the future of work together, and we have a unique opportunity to transform our organizations into places people actually want to work with if we just listen to the Voice of the Workforce. If you’re interested in exploring how you can engage, develop, attract, and retain your talent by understanding what workers really want, royall are happy to help anytime.

Source: SSON 5-future-of-work-trends-for-2023-talent-is-evolving-management-needs-to-adapt

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