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Talent - have you got what it takes?

There is so much talk about the talent crisis within the creative communications industry. Once upon a time when entering the creative sector, talent needed previous work experience or an internship at a well-known agency that may have floated a CV to the top of the pile.

Perhaps this approach can perpetuate sameness and exclude new thinking, talent, and diversity. Could it be we push for the best endeavours to broaden our talent pool and find new markers?

As various industries search for ways to shore up their, Marc Nohr puts forward a new approach to recruitment, which we really enjoyed.

To reach new talent, we’re going to have to use new rules and what should we be looking for if it’s not the old short-cuts of achievement, he says boldly…

  1. Resilience, not work experience or promotions - clients want to see evidence of resilience (or “grit” to use the title of Angela Duckworth’s book), which is relatively easy to figure out by hearing people’s back stories.

  2. A desire to learn, not exam results or educational history - see a growth mindset – as defined by Carol Dweck – the capacity to see feedback as a learning opportunity.

  3. Curiosity, not rote learning. To which we would add Kitcatt’s search for “curiosity” – an interest in what makes people tick, in ideas, history, anything of note.

  4. Imagination, not awards - we all love awards, but it’s not hard to see whether people have the innovation gene. As George Lois had it, creativity is the defeat of habit by originality. So, ask people what industry, product, or convention they would like to re-imagine.

  5. Personality, not interview skills - anyone can learn polish, and some element of presentational ability is important. But so are energy, empathy, and emotional intelligence. All of which can be gleaned in conversation.

Interesting that we are also hearing of clients being more open-minded about talent and the qualities they possess, and how they are adjusting their interview questions in much the same vein.

So, important for all talent to get active, get involved, and get telling their stories at interviews, not just what they can ‘do’ but what they believe in and what matters to them too.

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