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Immersive Tech in Events!

@royall we care about our clients, (and our talent, of course), but we also love keeping up with what is happening in the world we work in.

What’s super exciting to us at the moment is how our clients are immersing their customers in their brands through tech!

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and create unforgettable event experiences?

As we’re seeing in the events industry today, to stand out from the crowd and truly wow your audience, being ahead of the curve is key. It's all about surprising and delighting your attendees, making every moment count. We know you want something fresh and exciting, and that's where immersive tech comes into play.

There are extended reality (XR) technologies, including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, which can transport your attendees to new worlds, bring products to life, and even gamify your experiences. The best part is that XR works for all types of events, whether live, virtual, or hybrid. And the metaverse, which is like the internet, but in a virtual reality setting. Big companies like Facebook (now Meta) are already creating their own metaverse, and it's changing the game.

Imagine hosting concerts, trade shows, product launches, or even job fairs in this virtual world. It's engaging, social, and inclusive, drawing in more attendees and sponsors for better ROI.

If you're looking for visually stunning experiences, you'll love 3D projection mapping. This technology brings your event space to life with dazzling visual effects, no headsets or props needed. It's a sure-fire way to captivate your audience and create a memorable story.

There are so many more immersive event technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), kinetic energy walkways, and drones too, all of which can elevate your events to a whole new level.

Get ready to make a splash and lea

ve a lasting impression.

Currently we are working on multiple Digital and Tech recruitment briefs for our clients, so remember it is not only events people we place, but creatives and techie’s too!

Happy event planning! 🎉

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