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Giving Back in 2022...

After 13 years in business, royall has placed countless talent and collaborating in shared purpose. Yet what we are equally proud of our desire to give back.

We are a passionately independent team, thriving as a sustainable organisation, where economic, environmental, and social values are in balance. We volunteer our time to support causes we are passionate about.

The activities enrich us, familiarise, and connect us to people and ideas that positively impact our perspective.

Helping our community helps us grow as people.

Donating time to support those around us is beneficial, for us and our community.

It is statistically proven that people who volunteer regularly are healthier both physically and mentally.

In addition to the health benefits, volunteering gives people a sense of purpose. The fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled.

When we volunteer, we have the opportunity to meet lots of new people.

Working alongside individuals who also care about improving their surroundings allow us to broaden our network.

Having a broad, open-minded perspective of the different walks of life around helps us to be effective and empathetic.

We find, dedicating time to help others teaches us patience, kindness, and resilience. We improve our communication abilities by working alongside diverse people, we will also gain a plethora of other experiences that help us navigate future endeavours.

Today is our Christmas social together. We are celebrating a year of excellent service, hard work, and our fun-loving culture. We will be focused on our values, celebrating our achievements and each other, and also how we always give back. What will our next challenges be in 2023.

Here are some of the wonderful things we have been up to in 2022 – link to blog on website.

Most recently Jen took up the STOPTOBER challenge to abstain from any alcohol for 30 days, to support a local Charity Cancer Wise and raised £800 to support a new children’s facility, so that essential adult services, such as therapy and provisions can now be afforded to children in the local area either suffering with Cancer themselves, or because loves ones are.

Naomi, our Recruitment Lead always works to say yes to helping where she can, this includes

volunteering as Treasurer for the Friends Committee of her children’s school; raising vital funds to support them.

They raised a tremendous £13k in the last academic year, helping to fund science days, finish an outdoor ‘early years area’ and a healthy way towards providing new interactive screens in each classroom.

They have run events such as discos, workshops, picnics, and Christmas parties to provide all children with much needed sense of fun and belonging after all the disruption through the pandemic.

Naomi has helped coordinate a raffle to support fundraising efforts for two local charities this year as part of an event, helping to raise another impressive total of £5.6k for them.

Also helping with continuous administrative support to her son’s grassroots football team as and when needed. Naomi loves a fundraiser and always seeks to do something positive each year to help charities close to her heart.

So far, in 2022, she has run 5k with a group of 30 others and a run of a massive 100k in December 2021 for Chestnut Tree House, a local charity, Naomi is extremely close to.

As well as sponsored walks and 10k runs for The Snowdrop Trust.

Karen, our Development Lead says life is complicated. Sometimes people encounter challenges that they don't know how to deal with, and they need help to overcome. These include unemployment, debt, family breakdown and benefit issues.

This is why Karen volunteers a significant amount of her time at the Citizens Advice, where they provide free, independent advice and support in such situations.

Most people don't realise, however, that it's a Charity and that it's constantly fighting for funds to continue to provide such essential services.

As an integral part of the team trying to ensure that these resources are forthcoming.

Karen does this by writing articles for the local newspaper, sharing items on social media, and sending a monthly newsletter to stakeholders.

She develops strategic and operational business plans and coordinates an Annual Conference. In fact, she helps out in any way she can add value, with the same sense of purpose as all our royall team.

We are delighted that Karen can utilise her extensive experience to support this organisation, especially in the current climate where so many people are struggling with the day-to-day cost of living crisis and mental health.

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