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Driving people, growth, and sustainability in turbulent time.

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We are overwhelmed by the sudden surge in demand and the associated increase in business activity. Meaning it’s a struggle to meet business objectives in desired timeframes and to capitalise on opportunities. There is little to no time to plan and focus on core business strategy when the demands of client activity are so high.

Add to this, a big lack of resource, due to businesses scaling back in the pandemic, plus lost senior heads, knowledge, and acumen within the industry and alas we have panic! Especially when it comes to internal, strategic or growth development activities. Goals suffer, and people are not being engaged with effectively.

People, Growth, and Sustainability are at the top of agendas.

It is more important than ever before, that we help our businesses ensure their EVP (employee value proposition) is at the front and centre of the hiring tool kit.

We encourage our client partners to create a sense of meaning which starts by understanding how people value things differently remembering that salaries will always matter.

It is about showing talent that they have a chance to do more of what they are best at and what they enjoy doing. Also, that your business can help meet their human needs as well as their professional ones.

So, now that 2022 is well underway, how confident are you as a business that anyone in your organisation can clearly identify your goals with the Three P’s – People, Profit and Planet.

If you need a different perspective - our resolute executive directors can help. They are the best consultative C-Level agency talent from the creative communications industry with corporate experience intertwined! DNA’d with finite objectives:

  • Co-join with existing leadership, to deploy flexible, agile, and transformative ways of working to drive growth and long-term sustainability.

  • To ensure that an organisation’s people are focused on purpose and wellbeing, feel engaged and aligned with business needs and that their development is linked to overall corporate purpose. To activate a measurable purpose.

Jen our Founder says:

“In any given industry, the businesses that hop on the growing trend of green initiatives first will gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and could even become industry leaders. However, those that adopt a variety of simple and swift operational best practices will not only drive sales, win, and retain talent, they will achieve renewable and resilient cultures founded on diversity, transparency, and trust, and ultimately LEGACY. When this happens companies automatically, win hearts and minds across all stakeholders, the discretionary effort comes in abundance, and thus more organic growth in each of the above Three P’s – not just in terms of sales and revenue!”

resolute develops ‘resilient and renewable organisations’ developing a cohesive roadmap for your People, Growth and Sustainability.

To find out more about resolute, our business transformation programmes please visit

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