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Don't waste international talent!

When a candidate applies to your organisation on a Youth Mobility Visa, please don’t discount them.

@royall and some of our very special clients are huge advocates for international talent.

By recruiting talent from overseas, it means we can avoid recruiting ‘competitor-cookie-cutter’ mould talent and embrace diversity to enjoy the fresh energy and new perspectives they bring to our UK market.

@royall can complete the necessary due diligence and carry out the ‘right to work’ on your behalf. The process is tremendously simple and straightforward and all you need is a contract appendix, which we can help you with!

On the following links you will find details. In terms of sponsoring, typically based on company turnover, the fees for sponsoring an entry level candidate are as little as between £550 and £1500 dependant on turnover, and only relevant when the Visa expires, usually 2-3 years later.

We hope this can remove any stumbling blocks when engaging and appointing talent from countries which have amazing creative industries providing equal opportunities and making for a great Diversity and Inclusion story for your business.

Often it is very easy to extend the YMV're%20from%20New%20Zealand%2C%20you'll%20be,your%20visa%20by%20one%20year. When this time comes it is the candidate who pays the small fee, not the employer.

Our most recent International Placement was the fabulous @samantachin at the forward thinking and highly inclusive @Visual Response!

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