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Different Brains, More Creativity!

Neurodiversity means celebrating and accepting that people's brains work in different ways. Brilliantly, this idea is increasingly important at work as we realise having a mix of brain styles can make things more interesting and help solve problems better. Making sure you consider this in your business is not only the right thing to do, but a commercially viable thing to do, too. 


@royall we are super proud of our diverse and eclectic team, all from different backgrounds, sectors, walks of life, ages, and stages. We are also incredibly mindful when qualifying talent that we are as inclusive as possible.


Understanding Neurodiversity:


Neurodiversity includes a plethora of brain differences, like dyslexia, autism or ADHD. Instead of thinking these differences are problems, or ‘not the norm’, we see them as just another way brains can work. Each person with a different brain brings unique strength and talent to the team.


Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace:


1. Better at Figuring Things Out:

   People with different brains are often good at solving problems. They think in unique ways that can help the team come up with creative solutions.


2. More Creative Ideas:

   Multiple brains working together mean mass creativity. It's like having a bunch of puzzle pieces that fit together to make something brilliant.


3. Work Gets Done Efficiently:

   If everyone feels valued and included, they are happier at work. Happy people work better, so having a mix of brains can make everyone more productive.


4. Finding More Talented People:

   When we look for all kinds of talents, we find more skilled people. People with different brains might have special skills that make the team stronger.


Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Workplace:


1. Learn and Share:

   Everyone at work should learn about neurodiversity and share what they know. This helps everyone understand and support each other better.


2. Be Flexible:

   Letting people work in ways that suit their unique styles is important. This could mean working from home or having different hours. It helps everyone feel comfortable and do their best. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to productivity. 


3. Talk and Listen:

   Making sure everyone can talk openly and listen to each other is key. This way, if there are any issues, they can be solved together.


4. Hiring Different Brains:

   When looking for new people to join the team, try to find those with different brains. This makes the team more interesting and diverse.


5. Help Each Other Out:

   Create programs where people can help and support each other. Having a mentor or a group to lean on can make work easier for everyone.


Having different brains at work is not just a great idea; it's also a smart one. When we appreciate and include everyone, we get a mix of talents that can make work more exciting and successful.


Embracing neurodiversity means understanding that our differences make us stronger as a team. As we learn more about it, we see that having various ways of thinking is a powerful tool for making work not just a better place for everyone but a happier and more inclusive one too.

Here are some useful links to help guide your inclusive recruitment:

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