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Christmas Cocktails ....

For this years Christmas social, the royall team will be going to a cocktail making class! To help you also bring a bit of fun to your celebrations here are three festive themed cocktail recipes.

The White Christmas Martini

· 100ml Rum Chata

· 100ml vanilla vodka

· 50ml sweetened condensed milk

A stress-free option, perfect for someone with a seriously sweet tooth! Simply combine all the ingredients in a cocktail mixing glass with ice, mix it all together and pour into martini glasses.

Fancy Peach Bellini

· 7.5 cl Prosecco DOC

· 2.5 cl Crème de Pêche

· Fresh nectarine slices

A fruity and light cocktail, perfect as a break after all the stodgy Christmas food! Fill a glass with ice cubes and sliced nectarine, before pouring the peach liqueur into the glass and mixing well. Pour prosecco over the top and stir gently to avoid losing the bubbles.

The Cranberry Mimosa

· 1 can of frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed

· 450ml cranberry juice

· 1 bottle of champagne or Prosecco

The ideal Christmas brunch cocktail! And with simple instructions and the ability to serve 8 people, it sounds like a crowd pleaser! Once again combine all ingredients in a large jug and serve with some ice.

We can’t wait to make so many more festive cocktails at our social and hope you all have fun making them yourselves!

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