Your New Employee Engagement Plan Shines – but Will It Work?

Jennifer Robinson -

A good story needs a good storyteller, and we believe the best authors are the people of your organisation. If leaders simply support, or communicate an engagement initiative, it will fail.

Employee engagement will only stop being a ‘programme’ and become a way of life if leaders take ownership for culture change, understand the business case for engagement and create a high-engagement, high development strategy that they lead by example.

Successful initiatives depend on consistent daily behaviour.

Gallup has identified the following best practice actions in the following order:

1. The leadership must agree on a well-defined purpose and brand identity for their organisation. The purpose will guide every organisation decision and differentiate the brand to stakeholders.

2. The leaders must create a strategic business plan that clearly connects engagement to business issues.

3. Leaders can only then better explain how engagement amplifies the organisation’s purpose and brand. Only when engagement is understood as a strategy, can it become transferred to the day to day.

4. Finally, leaders must be the authority on engagement and embed it into existing processes and systems, i.e. onboarding, development and performance management systems. Only when leaders act as role models can they create real change.

Gallup also reminds us that this is not a quick fix. Only a sustained and focused commitment can ensure outstanding, long lasting results.

Organisations will only be seen to have changed when engagement is part of daily dialogue and is used as a problem-solving tool. Only then will organisations have truly engaged employees and the resultant organic growth, profitability, agility and diversity that will bring.

Royall deliver bespoke programme logic that will specifically help overcome any resource, cultural challenges, and growth challenges. The senior experience level of the team involved would be heavyweight and strategic from the direct skills, competencies you require, and sector specific.

There is also the added agility and value of a closer, hungrier, and nimble team, who are entirely purpose driven themselves. Bringing their passion, promise and purpose together in collective way to reach for the stars.

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