Poor mental health and loneliness tops employee WFH experience.

New research showing that leaders must take more responsibility for the wellbeing of their staff is outlined by Peter Crush in Management Today (19 October 2021).

On one hand working from home is supposed to be emancipating but statistics reveal that it is a crippling experience for others.

A poll of 200 HR leaders reveals “87% say they have experienced increased numbers of staff disclosing issues around poor mental health, with 82% saying they’ve seen greater numbers of staff reporting feelings of loneliness”.

The leaders felt that cultivating a good ‘employee experience’ was top of their agenda and that best performing companies would have a ‘head of employee experience’ in the next 2 years. Additionally, 86% of them thought that most businesses would have a dedicated employee wellbeing resource within the same time frame.

Research found the following pointers to combat loneliness and boost employee experience:

· Wellbeing is key

· Values are vital

· Provision of technology

· Effective communication

To read more, see www.managementoday.co.uk/poor-mental-health-loneliness-tops-employees-wfh-experience/leadership-lessons/article/1730336

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