Royall Celebrates 10 Years Of Recruitment!

This month Royall celebrates 10 years of purpose driven recruitment! Its strength and unique approach are founded on elevating potential, and having widespread and deep industry knowledge enables Royall to partner with the best talent and client portfolio in the events and communications sector.

Jenny Royall, the company’s founder, started the business in 2009. At this time, after the 2008 financial crash, global governments were pumping trillions of dollars into financial systems and economies hoping to avert another Great Depression. By the end of 2009, although most ‘experts’ thought the worst was over, unemployment in the UK continued to rise. This was hardly an auspicious time to start a recruitment enterprise!

The year 2009 also saw Barack Obama installed as the first black President in the US; Gordon Brown as UK Prime Minister; Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas dominating the UK singles charts; ‘Avatar’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ as the top grossing films; Chelsea winning the FA Cup; and Roger Federer and Serena Williams dominating Wimbledon (so not much change there!).

Moving forward to 2019, Royall has seen phenomenal growth and now partners with the country’s leading events brands; placing exceptional talent in a variety of roles, predominantly C-Suite and Senior level management. The economic situation, however, is still challenging and we are unclear as to the impact of Brexit. Globally concerns are being expressed about the urgent need for the world to find a more sustainable development path and organisations are realising that their enduring success is dependent on having an authentic purpose linked to a societal goal.

In the last six months, Royall have introduced an Employer Brand and Talent Development Consultancy offering, Human Fit for Purpose, which is designed to take people through an authentic and inspirational journey - to uncover the purpose-driven Leader within by focusing on strengths, what makes us ‘tick’ and to see where our passions really lie. “We are now looking to partner with organisations that would like to either create or re-articulate their purpose and develop enhanced employee value propositions and employer brands”.

Jenny says, “I strongly believe in ‘Lifting Human and Organisational Spirit’, elevating potential and positively changing the industry we serve. I feel that we’ve really done that and have created a purposeful and impactful recruitment company that makes a difference to people’s lives. Creating happy, healthier people and organisations is why we exist”.

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