How To Build Your Personal Brand

We’ve been talking about personal brands here at Royall for well over three years now and we are thrilled that lots of other people are talking about it too!

We read the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) article on the importance of having a Personal Brand with interest. The CMI recommend to us 3 steps to follow:

  1. Evaluate yourself. Be true to yourself – a personal brand must be authentic. Many people undervalue themselves so channel ‘you’ into a brand that promotes your strengths. Get help if you need to – insist on objective feedback. Also think about who you’re aiming for; perhaps look at the LinkedIn profiles of people in companies that you would like to work for.

  2. Your offline brand. Your offline and online brands need to be consistent and authentic. Think about how people will see you and what aspects of your personality you want to share. Build networks – extroverts may prefer group settings whereas introverts might be better building deeper, strategic one-to-one dialogues. Whatever you do, make sure you communicate accurately.

  3. Building your online brand. This can be a slow process; however an online presence can tell a recruiter things that a CV doesn’t, e.g. how well connected you are within your industry. LinkedIn is usually the first platform used by professionals looking to shape their career and build a network. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may also be useful depending on your industry. Whatever you use, make sure your online profile is up to date, relevant, uses clear language and that you are easy to get in touch with.

The CMI lists 5 elements of personal branding:

  1. Energy: Understand your energy and learn how to channel it: it’s fine to have a quiet or thoughtful approach if that’s authentic to you. Your energy will have an impact how / if people want to engage with you.

  2. People want to understand your values, skills and knowledge but you must be authentic!

  3. How much effort are you prepared to invest in building relationships, networks and contacts both on and offline?

  4. Are your professional goals and personal ambitions aligned with those of your employer or potential employer?

  5. Personality and values: What do you care about, what is important to you, what makes you different?

Here’s what two recent clients said about our working with Royall to develop their personal brands.

“The Human Fit program, is a fantastic concept that takes those of us who have jostled our way into senior positions, on a journey of self-assessment. The focus is purely at a one to one level, which is in fact quite liberating in itself.

This work is vital in unravelling our complicated selves, using the amazing tools Charlotte provides you with, to do some self-analysis. It captures insights that we know about ourselves, but more importantly for me, it highlighted what I didn’t know. Positive in the main, and truly helpful. I enjoyed the infectious, unscripted open discussions which revealed that we all tend to have the same thoughts, niggles and bad behaviour, which suddenly is put into context in a brilliant environment..“

Adam Proto, VP Global Events Hewlett Packard - July, 2019

Having been part of many leadership development sessions in my career (most of which were box ticking exercises), it was refreshing to be part of the Human Fit process. The pre-work and 121 calls with Charlotte challenged me to actually take some time out to reflect, which is probably one of the biggest benefits of the programme…..reflecting on me, as opposed to a quick fire response, or maybe how I think I should respond to meet the perceptions of my peers. With this focus on me, as opposed how I fit into a specific group, the day….. not only focused on the leadership and personal qualities I was aware of, but by really drilling down into my business experiences, it also drew out a broader set of skills and characteristics, resulting in a very personal summary with real clarity.

Chris Zachar, Growth Leader, July 2019

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help developing your CV, your personal brand and Bio and especially if you want to shape up and show up as the best version of yourself, as you can be, both on and off line. Call us on 01243 200077 or email

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