Why People and Companies Need Purpose

How much do we love reading about this fascinating research that continues to flow about purpose?

In this fabulous podcast from the Harvard Business Review; Dr. Nicholas Pearce talks about his latest book – The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life’s Worth.

The author believes that too many of us are looking for jobs without thinking about purpose.

Companies should be as purpose driven as they are profit driven. The best companies not only have a purpose, but they also recruit people whose purpose is in alignment. Purpose is the reason why something or someone

exists, and it should motivate what companies do every day. The majority of companies exist to make profit but a company’s purpose, its why, should distinguish it from others. Many people (especially millennials) are making job decisions not just on the ability of a company to make profit or their salary prospects but on purpose alignment.

Individual purpose is what makes someone unique and leads them to question meaning and legacy. If we can identify our purpose and identity, then it will better enable us to give authenticity to our life’s work. It lets values guide what work we do in the first place at any given point in our lives.

Should you question if you’re in the wrong job? It’s time to consider walking away if:

  • you have stopped learning and growing

  • the culture is toxic and is impacting on your health and wellbeing

  • your work is disconnected from your purpose.

As artificial intelligence and machines take over a greater proportion of work, it should push us more as human beings to think about what makes us unique. If it’s not physical effort or cognitive capacity, then what’s left? What’s left is the soul and self-awareness. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to enable people to bring this self-awareness to work and to be their authentic self.

Many leaders are also struggling with answers to these challenges, but it is one of a leader’s greatest responsibilities to provide people with a sense of meaning and purpose in their work. These are critical conversations. Leaders should not make purpose for people but facilitate the realisation of the purpose that people have. Leaders are stewards of people and how they take care of them and allow them to be their brightest and best is a critical dimension of how leadership should be measured.

How can we tell if a company has purpose? The acid test is whether the employees understand how what they do impacts the purpose. If people don’t know, then the company is not truly purposeful.

There is a misconception that purpose is a consolation prize if you can’t be profitable. Purpose is a driver of profit whether that be economic, human or social. Profit is enhanced by purpose – it is foundational and not just for those organisations whose purpose is explicitly to create social good.

Royall first and foremost, is a highly specialised, strategic, talent acquisition organisation with a 10-year pedigree in events and communication recruitment.

One which during our journey and experience, has evolved to develop and acquire a network of best-in-field and class purposeful transformational practitioners who create deeply moving and transformational processes for our client and talent community.

Our purpose is ‘lifting human and organisation spirit’. We exist to provide the best talent acquisition service possible. And to support individuals and organisations in the evolution, by exploring and reframing the stories that hold them back from living their true purpose.

Feel free to explore more here https://www.royall.biz/fit-for-purpose

Or call Jenny on 01234 200077, who will be delighted to answer any questions you have or talent acquisition, purpose-driven leadership, unique value propositioning, personal brand, and or individual and organisation development.

Reference: HBR podcast 9 April 2019

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