To Become Your Best Self - Study Your Successes

Royall have invested considerable time and resources to help people be the best versions of themselves… for themselves of course, but also for their employers, colleagues and communities.

We were delighted to learn from a recent Harvard Review article, five ways you can learn about and activate your best self at work. Here’s what these talented authors say:

1. Notice Positive Feedback

Most people are well-attuned to critical feedback – we tend to remember it! In contrast, it’s often hard for us to reflect on the positive. So create a space (digital or physical) where you can save any feedback – this could be thank you notes, formal evaluations, personal items etc.. Set a regular time when you review the contents. Look at the themes/patterns and ask yourself what you can learn about your strengths and how you can find opportunities to express more of your best self.

2. Ask Questions

Don’t just accept positive feedback – make sure you understand exactly how you made an impact. Be careful, however, not to seem egotistical and make sure that you are seen to be receptive and grateful for the feedback. Consider setting up a meeting with your mentor or manager to discuss only your strengths and how you could develop and leverage them for greater effect.

3. Study Your Successes

If you receive positive feedback, take some time afterwards to write reflectively about the experience. Journaling is a powerful tool. Once you make a practice of analysing your best self, you will develop a more holistic and cohesive understanding of your best self and the contextual factors that allow you to bring your best self to work.

4.Practice Enacting Your Best Self

Some environments provide little affirmation at all but it can be extremely empowering if you can be your best self in these situations. Think about other areas in your life where you can take learnings about your strengths and contributions and bring them into your work role. If you can, craft your job so that at least one aspect of your role brings out your best self. If you receive negative feedback, always remind yourself of how you create value and this will provide you with the self-confidence to consider the opportunities to use that feedback for growth.

5. Pay It Forward

The best way to remember to focus on your best self is to give feedback to others. For example, at the end of a project, share how each member of the team made a really meaningful contribution. People who recognise and affirm others’ contributions are also likely to bring out the best in themselves and others more consistently.

Becoming your best self and bringing out the best in others is a continuous process but with courage, curiosity and commitment you can positively transform yourself, your relationships and your organisations.

If you feel you’d like to show up on and/or off-line in the best way you can, as a purposeful employee, candidate or leader, please do not hesitate to contact so that we can help you articulate your successes, develop a personal brand, and realise your true unique value proposition and worth.

Please do give us a ring on 01243 200077 or email us at

References: Laura Morgan Roberts, Emily D. Heaphy, and Brianna Barker Caza

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