News from our founder Jenny

We felt it timely as our financial year end has come to a close, and as we reach the half-way point of 2019, to say a big thank you to all our followers, supporters, fellow travellers, and client and talent community for partnering and journeying with us. And to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to the Royall team and our associate partners, for their passion, commitment, dedication, and hard work.

We say a fond farewell to last year, our most profitable year to date. I am tremendously proud to say that we saw a 106% growth in the core business. These results were achieved whilst we gave ourselves personal and professional permission to focus on all-important areas outside production and profit…individual and group purpose, diversification and launching two incredible new revenue streams under our Fit for Purpose banner – individual and organisational development.

First and foremost, Royall is a highly specialised, strategic, talent acquisition organisation with a 10-year pedigree, specialising in events and communication recruitment. One which, during our journey and experience, has enabled us to evolve, develop and acquire a network of best-in-field, and class, purposeful practitioners who create deeply moving and transformational processes for our clients. We are delighted to be working with new clients as we continue to grow our portfolio of the UK’s biggest event agencies, alongside the most exceptional talent this country has to offer.

Royall exists to provide the best talent acquisition service possible. To support individuals and organisations in their evolution, by exploring and reframing the stories that hold them back from living their true purpose.

Organisations spend fortunes reorganising, changing systems, structures, products, and processes with little provable impact. Teams rarely achieve their aspired potential. Most teams become loose collectives rather than high performing, purposeful communities. Individuals do the same in an attempt to better themselves, to become the person they want to be. Sadly, most fail to keep up their good intentions…that is until now…

As we wave a big and exciting hello to 2019 and salute our Leadership Collective and join heads, hearts, and hands to develop individuals and organisations to become purposeful. So that they thrive and are ‘Fit for Purpose’, promoting sustainable development, social good and to create meaning.

If you are curious about individual leadership development, or organisation development and/or organisation regeneration, please do not hesitate to give me a call as we love nothing more than to share stories and be a part of others ambition in shared purpose.

Thank you again for sharing in our successes, we are so excited about the year ahead!

From Jenny and all the team at Royall!

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