Remembering the Art of Talking! Happy National Conversation Week!

How reliant are we on our smartphones, tablets and laptops for keeping in touch with friends, family and what’s going on in the world? We spend an increasing amount of time watching Netflix, box-sets, catch-up TV, playing computer games, emailing, and checking out our friends on Facebook and Instagram. In this modern era, how we spend our time is becoming less and less about talking, and more to do with interacting through the digital world. When was the last time we had a simple phone call, or popped in to speak to someone face to face instead of falling back on Whatsapp or text message?

This week is National Conversation Week! It’s a week which simply promotes the forgotten skill of talking! National Conversation week is encouraging everyone to spend the week trying a little bit harder to engage with those around them, whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague of customer.

Read more and join in here:

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