Top 5 Tips to Finding Your Dream Job

Job searching can be soul-destroying, but it can also be a journey of discovery, finding out exactly what you are looking for in your career, what motivates you, inspires you and excites you.

If you’ve spent the last few weeks trawling through job adverts, attending interviews and you’ve still not found ‘that’ job. take a read of our Top 5 Tips to help you find your dream job!

  1. Define who you are

What makes you unique? Today’s employees need to think about their own personal brand. Your experience, skills and passions are all part of your brand. These qualities are your unique selling points and will come into play whenever people search for you online. What will make you stand out from the other CVs and the other candidates at interview is a combination of your skills and passions. Be real: From the outset you should model your personal brand around your own, honest self, because not only can prospective employers tell if you’re fake, but by being genuine it makes you easier to relate to.

  1. What role do you want?

Blindly applying to online adverts is a waste of your time and can be de-motivating. Having a practical brainstorm of what you enjoy doing, what your key strengths are and what you want from a role, can really help you decipher what role you want, and what your dream job is. Think outside the box, remembering that there may be roles which are perfect for your experiences and which could be your ‘dream job’, but you don’t yet know it!

What kind of work culture matters to you? What calls out to you? What do you see yourself doing now, in a year’s time, and in 5 years’ time? What ignites you, what drives you forward? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning rather than drag yourself out?! If it’s just about money, you’ll never feel completely fulfilled, so bear this in mind when brainstorming.

  1. Apply for jobs that haven’t yet been advertised!

Many jobs are filled before the job has been advertised, so networking is key. After you’ve determined who you are, what you want and what the world thinks of you, connect with people! Even if you hate networking, you can do most of it online behind the comfort of your own laptop. Aside from meetups and networking events, you can find industry influencers on social media and form relationships with them when you can. Comment on the content they create and share things that benefit them. Continue networking by getting involved in communities and forums that interest you. If your brand is consistent across all your social media profiles, the people you meet online will begin to recognise you for your niche.

  1. Create and share content

A personal brand is made up of more than just a few social media profiles. While it’s important to at least cover the basics (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) creating and sharing content is the best way to show that you are authentic. You could write a blog with personal stories, lists, or commentary. You can create videos or graphics. You can podcast. The possibilities of content creation are endless. Think about the goals you established and determine what forms of content are relevant and what you’re best at.

  1. People hire people they like!

The truth is harsh, if a potential employer doesn’t like you, they won’t hire you. If you’re arrogant, obnoxious, distracted or offensive in an interview, the likelihood is you won’t get that dream job! This goes back to your personal brand: If you know who you are, and what other people think of you, what you want and what ignites you - BELIEVE it! Connect with your interviewer on a human level. No amount of qualifications or impressive CV will get you that dream job, but believing in yourself, in your brand and really wanting that role will put you in the best place possible to secure that dream job.

Now go get it!

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