Energy in Motion Our Falcon Heavy….

“If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship,

don’t ask which one, just get on”

Sheryl Sandberg

Did you know that Sheryl Sandberg also said when her Husband tragically passed away” Option A isn’t available so I am going to kick the sh*t out of Option B.”

When Jenny, our Founder first heard this; it was at the time of devastation and sadness in her family and it was something that truly stuck a chord with both her and her Husband. The story is too much to share and too long to tell here.

It was this time when both Jenny and her Husband were looking for new opportunities that she realised in this personal situation that, what someone goes through, their needs, wants, desires as well as determination to succeed and make change, matters as much as skills, experience, and competencies. And thus, ‘Human Fit’ was born, although we didn’t know it at the time!

Several years on and Royall as a business has landed firmly in the momentum phase and boy is it exciting, terrifying, challenging, and inspiring! On our journey; we are meeting the most amazing people who want to jump on our ‘purpose-driven’ rocket to make a growing significant difference to people’s lives and our client’s organisations by promoting ‘Human Fit’ and recognising that working to ‘recruitment briefs’ is getting harder, and what our clients need are developed talent engaged to their personal and professional purpose.

It feels as if the industry, at times can be purpose-less, ‘disconnected’, unresponsive to a world that has changed, the gig-economy and the self-actualisation needs of both client and talent within the marketplace, - a mismatch between demand and supply and oblivious to grass roots opportunities.

Let’s hold space for candidates who have not had the opportunity to reassess, define themselves and uncover their authenticity, they can be rife with negative emotions, behaviours, and patterns, why else would they be looking for a new opportunity? When a candidate jumps from one ship to another, negativity can get carried forward into the new position and organisation, and on a compound level it can be cancerous to a business, as it has been in ours at times.

Instead, a Human Fit candidate, stripped back, revitalised, renewed, switched on to their purpose (and aligned with the organisation’s ambition) carry something very different forward into their new organisation and this adds significant value. Human energy and effort then gets put to best use. It is not about ‘recruitment’, or ‘jobs’ or opportunity. It is about inviting the industry to a new way of thinking, a new way of behaving and changing their perception around old fashioned, antiquated, process driven, transactional recruitment methods which are fundamentally flawed (if not dead!).

Jenny, with her tenacity for purpose, has lit the ignition of purpose-driven leadership across the industry forest and beyond and is manifesting a movement towards disruption of the status quo, with a few manifested industry leaders. The trickle-down effect is already in motion!

This movement is gathering enough momentum that we liken it to a ‘rocket’, on which seats are filling up fast, as momentum drives desire to influence change and make a difference, influence change, and develop a legacy that outlives us all.

The rocket is igniting up - cylinders firing, getting ready to take off, but before it does let’s find out a little more:

Tell us about starting Royall:

During a time of destruction, it was my now Husband who said to me ‘I believe in you’. That was enough for me, he gave me confidence, a laptop, a phone, and desk in a spare room in his flat. He offered a safety net to create something. I had a lightbulb moment; I was working in events recruitment, however I was deeply unhappy with a lack of purpose and lack of direction for my own career and that of the business I was working for. I had so many ideas that I wanted to put into practice and I wanted the freedom to have the conversations that I wanted to have and to be completely accountable for my own decisions.

Here, now; we are thriving in our purpose driven culture, with like-minded, passionate, and highly motivated people. Two of which have left the business for personal reasons and we’ve reappointed, and one is my very best friend, and one and only bridesmaid I have known since I was 11. People told me appointing Polly was an ‘ugly’ move, and alas far from it. Ugly moves in recruitment can be the very best if you’re brave enough and boundaries are set up front.

Tell us about Royall

We specialise in partnering with mostly C-suite hard-to-fill niche roles in the events industry. We strive to at the forefront of the recruitment industry, promoting Human Fit for purpose driven leadership specifically within the Communications & Events sector, with innovative products and services.

We have built up a solid retention critical client base and have met some wonderful and inspiring talent over the years. The business is founded on passion, intuition, pedigree and integrity and we truly believe in purpose driven leadership, wellbeing, talent development and particularly about being fully engaged in your work life to ensure ‘human energy’ is put to the best use for both employee and employer… what Royall has coined and trademarked ‘Human Fit’.

What are your ambitions for the business?

The events industry has widely reported and discussed how it is one of the most stressful industries to work in, and we want to place the very best talent in the industry into purposeful and impactful roles, to make a real difference.

More so, I’m passionate about raising awareness in many important areas. We care about so much more than just profit in a business, we believe in creating a strong personal brand and developing people… this is the highest calling of leadership. It creates better, more fertile environments, and my ambition is to improve places of work. To inspire people to make the right decisions and to get the right work/life balance and be connected to a personal and professional purpose.

Royall has doubled in size and purpose and we’re doing everything we can to get better, wiser, and stronger to help improve choice, confidence, and connectivity within our community….

To believe in people and lift their potential.

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