Apprenticeships: Developing People is the Highest Calling of Leadership

Is there anything you would like to know about the new Apprentice Levy?

What we can share with you, is that in December of last year, the Department for Education announced approval of funding for apprenticeships, so that from April 2017, any employer with a payroll of over £3m must pay the 0.5% apprenticeship levy, which will then give them access to the apprenticeships service.

Many of you have been involved, in some shape or form, with the development of the event apprenticeship programme, so I thought it was time to update you as to where we are.

Royall is developing a close relationship with Realise; David Preston and our Founder, Jenny, go back a long way, too many years to mention! We are proud to say that a fabulous variety of employers have supported the programme, not least a longstanding client of ours drp Group who have employed 2 apprentices now!

Not forgetting other event agencies such as Avenue Events, Pico, CL Events, RPM and Imagination.

The key is that this programme reaches across our industry and there are many other employers such as the Southbank Centre, The Royal Opera House representing venues, Travel Bulletin, and Compelo in the media industry, getting involved.

Charity wise Alzheimer Research Organisation in the 3rd Sector, and last but not least we have Blackburn Council who have an amazing venue at King George's Hall & Darwen Library Theatre.

Realise are speaking to hotel groups, associations and a national food and hospitality business, so the question is, if it is right for them, can it be right for you?

If you feel that it is time for your business to engage in the beginning of a great new chapter of talent management in the event industry, then do get in touch with Royall and we can facilitate an introduction.

Traditionally apprenticeships were known as lending themselves to more practical industries, but this certainly isn’t the case now and stereotypes are changing rapidly, apprenticeships now cover so many industries including our very own recruitment and events industries.

So what has the apprenticeship programme meant for the recruitment industry? The Department for Education has approved funding for up to £5k per recruitment apprentice and this will have a really positive impact on recruitment. Not only does it showcase recruitment as a career of choice – it gives people the chance to ‘earn while they learn’ in addition to gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Recruitment is such a dynamic and highly pressurised industry and to learn the expertise needed whilst working in the role itself is invaluable. It’s also an ideal route for those that don’t want to go down the university route or feel that it would be financially prohibitive to do so. The apprenticeship programme itself has been designed for recruitment businesses to attract and train more people, and the statistics speak for themselves:

75% of employers reported that apprentices improved the quality of their product or service

Apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average £214 per week.

71% of apprentices stay with the same employer once the apprenticeship has finished.

(Reference REC)

And for the events industry? Well The Event Management Apprenticeship programme and Event Assistance Apprenticeship role was approved by the Government last year and gives an alternative route into the events industry. Studying for an Events Management Degree is one way into the industry, but many people argue that the degree can promote an unrealistic view of what the job actually involves, saying that there is no substitute for real, hands on experience. As with most industries, solid work-experience is necessary to get a foot in the door and onto the career ladder of choice and lack of experience can be a huge barrier to employment. The Event Management Apprenticeship really changes this and gives people the opportunity to learn in the workplace alongside online learning and workshops.

Apprentices offer the best of both world’s some may say? Experience from a workplace whilst studying for a qualification. However, statistics show that in 2017 the number of people starting apprenticeships actually fell by 59% after the introduction of the levy. With the Government’s intention being to increase the number of people in workplace training, this statistic on the surface looks hugely disappointing. Claims have been made that accessing the funding has been complex and too littered with rules and restrictions, therefore putting employers off the scheme. The Department of Education claims that they expected an initial fall in apprenticeship numbers and claim that many companies simply don’t fully yet understand what they need to do to take advantage of the new system. Regardless of this, the disappointing statistics will no doubt be a concern for the government, which has promised to create 3m apprenticeships by 2020 in pursuit of a more productive economy.

Only time will tell whether these statistics will change towards the latter end of this year.

As advocates for young talent Royall really would love you to get involved!

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