Leading the Pack with Purpose

“Until you figure out what success means to you personally and to your organisation , leadership is an almost pointless conversation” – Peter Drucker

Why do people move jobs? Perhaps their move is finance-driven, maybe it was because they weren’t challenged enough, or perhaps they found that there is a sincere lack of interest from management on how to reach their ambitions. With no career road-mapping, no direction given in what they need to do to progress, no real knowledge and assessment of their strengths, no career destination and no ‘purpose’ in their role; is there any wonder that one may start dipping their toe into other careers and roles?

When an organisation takes on a new employee, regardless of their level within the organisation, are we setting them up for success? Are we encouraging them to create a legacy in their new role?

Try Googling ‘On-boarding new employees’ and you will be hit by a whole host of ‘helpful’ websites demonstrating how to be welcoming to your new employee, how not to overwhelm them, how to help them put names to faces, and so on. Most of these are standard checklists, and whilst these can be helpful when setting up a formal induction process, one has to ask, where is the ‘purpose’ and where is the ‘why’ behind what that new employee will be doing? Is there focus on knowing, that from the day you join your new organisation you will be welcomed into a caring environment, where you will be encouraged to become the best version of yourself and fulfil personal and professional ambitions. Is this not only valuable to those joining your organisation but to all their future connections within your business.

How often do we sit down and map out someone’s career? Not nearly enough! So how then can we possibly improve people's strengths? This is an approach that is often overlooked in favour of closing people's skills gaps – possibly an outdated way of 'developing talent', an enemy of the modern work place! Some companies offer every possible tool for its people to be the best professionals they can be, but surely what organisations should want to strive for, is personal enrichment? for employees to be the best humans they can be, at work and in their home lives too. Happy, focussed and driven employees are more likely to stay in their role, and improve employee retention, is critical to the health and success of a business.

Creating time, space and energy for the ambition of an organisation’s people should be an important part of the on-boarding process, and if an employee knows that their employer has their very best interests at heart - cares about their purpose and career destination; their motivation and passion for both their role and the business, will be unparalleled.

“There should only be one metric in a modern agency: how much you care. If you care enough, you’ll get the job done brilliantly… in your own way, around your own life.” Xavier Rees (Chief exec, Havas London)

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