Feeling the Pressure: Life in the Events Industry

Did you know that Event Co-ordinator was listed as the fifth most stressful job last year? And when you realise what the top four most stressful jobs are - military personnel, police officer, fire fighter and pilot, it is even more surprising! However, if you work in the highly pressurised industry that is events, this may not be news to your ears!

In the events industry, 50-60 hour weeks certainly aren’t uncommon. Sleep, although a basic human need, is placed to the bottom of the pile of ‘must-haves’, in favour of working late. Skipping meals, running around and trying to fit 100 things into a 10-12 hour day, is common place. And the effect this level of stress can have on personal relationships, friendships and general social life can be enormous.

With such a poor work-life balance, it’s not surprising that the sheer emotional strain can take its toll. And being stuck in a vicious cycle of lack of sleep=exacerbating stress=unable to switch off=unable to sleep, can be debilitating when an event is on the horizon… which will be shortly followed by another event, and another.…

Working in events takes nerves of steel! Learning to deal with the pressure and not let it take over your life, is a skill in itself. Being impeccably organised, confident, flexible and calm – are also essential skills, but dealing with highly pressured situations and resolving problems without bursting a blood vessel, or worse, is paramount!

If people weren’t passionate about the events industry, they simply wouldn’t do it. Some people would argue that it’s the high level of stress and pressure that drives them on, and although they may not feel like it at the time, it’s what they thrive on. But not letting it take over your life and risk your emotional well-being is so important. How do people avoid burning out under such demands?

Methodically and logically look at solutions

When a problem arises, stay calm. How can you realistically achieve a solution?

Write a solid and realistic to-do list. Sometimes just getting it down on paper can make a world of difference to stress levels.

Take a break!

Holidays, days-off and even long lost lunch breaks are so important to re-set your body and mind. Remember what you’re working for, and put things into perspective.

Don’t procrastinate

Putting a task off will make the problem 100 times worse when you finally address it! Put it at the top of your to-do list. Spend less time flapping, and more time doing!

Find ways to relieve stress

Whether it’s yoga, meditation, reading a book, listening to music or going for a run. Put time aside each day for YOU.

Talk it through

Any boss worth their money will take time out to listen to you. Go along to the meeting with ideas to resolve the problem. Even talk to colleagues. There doesn’t have to be a resolution to make yourself feel better, sometimes just talking about it can really take the stress levels down a notch.

Above all – take a step back and remember why you do it, why you want to be part of the Events industry… nothing beats the feeling of when an event comes to life as you have been planning and working towards for so long. Remember your ‘Wow’ moment- a moment in your events career when you stood back and looked at what you’d pulled together and thought ‘Wow, I did this!’ I DID THIS!

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