When we say we lift ‘Human Spirit’, we mean it!

In recruitment, the relationships you build with your Clients & Candidates are vital to your success as a business and as a team.

When we receive the positive feedback we do, it makes everything worthwhile. At Royall we are passionate, ultimate professionals and the profession we love so much is altruistic. It just goes to show how far our reach is in our community and we’d love to share these with you.

Royall People

Following a recommendation, I approached the team at Royall with a view to exploring the need and options for someone with my skillset within the industry – but came away with so much more than I could ever have expected. First is a restored faith in specialist recruiters in the Events sector. Having worked with many of the main and well-known agencies, I have found that whilst they all seem very hungry to get the brief and say the right thing about how they work – a large number of their candidates generally fall apart when put under real scrutiny in interview. I would be surprised, given my own experience when I first connected with Royall if this ever were to happen with a candidate put forward by the Royall team. Susan and Jenny are both very skilled at assessing the real capabilities of a candidate, both being able, in conversation, to cleverly cut through any smoke and mirrors without the candidate even realising they are being interviewed. It is clear that they are also very selective about which candidates they match with which organisations, using complete discretion about the clients they are working for and only introducing those that ‘fit’. Secondly, I found that what really sets the team at Royall apart is the care, respect and support they show potential candidates – offering constructive advice and guidance on layout, content and style of CV’s and really looking to understand what is important for the candidate. This 2-way approach, treating both potential employers and employees as equally important, appears to be unique in the market and is incredibly effective. From a recruiter perspective, I would highly recommend Royall’s service and would have every confidence in any candidate put forward by the team. Likewise – for those on the market looking for a new role – you would be hard pushed to find a better team to find your ideal employment match.

Royall Thinking

I literally thank my lucky stars for having been introduced to Jenny at just the right time in my business development and at the right juncture for Royall’s expanding service proposition. I didn’t need help finding my purpose, but rather in effectively defining, articulating and marketing my skills and attributes in such a way that I could remain authentic to my core proposition. Working with Jenny has been an incredibly enlightening and uplifting experience. She has coached, guided, prodded and supported me through a clear step by step process that has made me ask myself some very challenging questions and which, by doing so, has helped me to define my brand – brand me. It has felt safe to be vulnerable when working with Jenny. Her supportive and encouraging nature, along with her exceptional knowledge of marketing, have made it easier for me to step outside of my comfort zone in the marketing process as well as in setting and following my goals and it is this, I believe, that will be the key differentiator in my personal success. I would highly recommend Jenny’s service for any individual or business that is looking to reconnect with their core purpose and to operate ‘on purpose’. I can testify that by following this path – work and play become one and the same thing.

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