Snapchat. The 21st Century social media tool EVERY company should be using!

Whether You’re Old Or Young, Corporate Or Creative, The Innovation Of The Century That Is Image result for snapchat logo Can Be Used By Anyone.

Being called the ‘Golden Child’ in social media, Runway models and designers alike are using Image result for snapchat logo to broadcast by-the-minute updates of all the on-goings behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. Millennials are using it’s many entertaining filters to warp faces, distort voices and add hundreds of emojis to images lasting no longer than 10 seconds. And now companies such as Elle, MailChimp, Aer Lingus, and Cisco are on there promoting, sharing and Snapping away!

Astonishingly Snapchat Has 100 Million Daily Users, And 8 Billion Video Views Everyday!

A whopping 86% of these are under the age of 34, but that doesn’t stop those of you verging on the other end of ‘Middle aged’ having a go, it may not be as user friendly as we’d like but practice makes perfect! With 9,000 photos taken every second, 700 million images and videos are sent via SnapChat every day (that’s 67% more images than Facebook). Being able to produce low-quality photos with an abundance of fun and quirky emojis (a breath of fresh air from other social media platforms) it’s no wonder has recently blogged that Recruitment Agencies are starting to used it too!

When used as a clever and dynamic recruiting tool, Snapchat will give Talent exclusive access to live, happening-now events. It will give employers the chance to do an ‘Employer Takeover’ so if you’re hiring for a marketing role, have said why not let a member of your marketing team or a different member each day, take the reins of your Snapchat recruiting account for a week? They have said “Find someone that is familiar with Snapchat, a good storyteller and enthusiastic about the company and working there, and make them the star of the show, Just as I have for royall. It might be the Head of Marketing, or it might be the new Marketing intern. Let them show any potential Talent what it’s really like to be part of the team and give them a true day-in-the-life picture of what happenings in the marketing department – where they work, daily tasks, funny team rituals, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to – show the candidate what they’re missing if they don’t apply for the role”. Use it to debut new content/projects that you may be undergoing! The content is so live and ‘now’ as the image/video only lasts for 10 seconds and then is permanently erased, unless posted ‘The Story’. Candidates would have to revisit the app frequently to see the latest updates as they unfold, refreshing ‘The Story’ each time. Some marketers see this as an issue but I feel that it just keeps people on their toes!

As published in the June issue of ‘Event Magazine’, Snapchat has shared with us some tips for how to get the most out of the App when using it for Events.

Plan it out: Make sure that you have a purpose and goal for your story before you start shooting it. Re-watch your Story regularly : Don’t be afraid to delete any elements that derail your narrative. Add in local Geofilters: These will become recognisable to viewers. Consider a paid Geofilter: A great way to make your Event feel special for Snapchat users, these paid Geofilters give you huge exposure in an affordable way. Do an account takeover: A highly effective way to create huge audience is to have an influencer take over the Snapchat account for the duration of the Event and highlight it from their perspective. Interview attendees: Give viewers a behind the scenes exclusive interview with guests talkers, or get attendees’ opinions as they arrive or leave. Make sure you show the sponsor: Remember to give the sponsor of the event a shout out. Embrace the messaging aspect of Snapchat: Ask for viewer feedback or get them involved with a competition.

Using Snapchat at Events gives the viewing audience a snippet into what goes on ‘behind the lens’, somewhere that usually remains a mystery. You become the Content Producer, producing exciting and engaging subject matter to boost Brand awareness and Web Traffic. However – surprisingly – it seems that only 2% of Professional Marketers have actually embraced the app. Why? Would you want your audience missing out on feeling engaged and like they are part of the Events, not just viewing it from afar, able to gain a wider perspective into what goes into planning Live Events with Story updates of ‘The Build’? You certainly wouldn’t!

Remember to promote Snapchat on your other social media profiles or in email marketing. Tweet your handle out when you’re headed to an event or when an influencer is taking over your account. Include it on your end title screen on your YouTube channel, on the homepage of your website or as a post on your Instagram account… The more social media platforms it appears on the better the coverage, the more attention it will attract.

Soon the Snapchat app will be an integral part of any Event, complimenting other social media activity to bring the Brand to life, making content quick and easily digestible. It’s safe to say the only way Snapchat is moving is forwards… and fast!

Embrace, not avoid.

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