Thinking Big!

“If you think small has no impact try going to bed with a mosquito” – Anita Roddick

There are so many women who inspire me…

Dame Anita Roddick – a pioneer of powerful thinking and a business woman with an incredible work ethic and philosophy.

Beyonce Knowles – a true heroine for being so healthy, wealthy and talented, yet seemingly never letting fame and fortune get the better of her.

My Mother – the most positive, energetic, kindest, loyal person I know… Indeed, my biggest hope is that my daughter and I have a similar relationship: non-judgemental, open and whereby you always take care of the little things, which then become the big things.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook – giving a voice to women all around the world, she challenges traditional thinking, and in my opinion- put it best when she said: ‘Option A is not available. So let’s just kick the sh*t out of Option B!’

Last but not least, my own team at royall – watching how they juggle life, family and work makes me proud to work with them.

While I’m on the subject, we have also recently restructured to create a stronger team and under the lead of Susan Tarver (our newly promoted Managing Director who not only takes up Naomi’s reins but most of mine too) we are positively electric. Hannah Farrands also continues to be an integral senior member of the team in a newly created hybrid role, heading up operations and marketing, but also being a pivotal part in recruitment and client servicing.

So we may be slightly smaller now but we have created an improved structure… In Sheryl’s words, we’re kicking the ‘Sh*t out of Option B’ – which for royall stands for a BIGGER and BETTER dynamic.

Grace is 6 months old and I am two thirds into my Maternity Leave. I am enjoying keeping in touch meanwhile. However I’m looking forward to reconnecting in the summer when I am back in full with an exciting new challenge launching two areas of fascination, namely royall Thinking and royall Digital and Innovation.

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