Moving into 2016 – The secrets to success

It was a truly phenomenal 2015 during which I learnt that employees really do stay where they are when paid well, mentored, challenged, promoted, involved, appreciated, valued, on a mission, empowered and trusted.

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you what I believe will continue to be the secrets for success in the year ahead (and in no particular order)…

Creating Fantastic Work Spaces

It’s easy to create an environment conducive to higher output and improved productivity by understanding what is truly important to workers.

Substance matters, more than style. Space, temperature and lighting are the most important features in an office, closely followed by good Wi-Fi connection, good coffee, the ability to hot desk and space for meetings, breakouts and conversations.

Indeed, I would say that providing the right creative spaces for collaboration and communication, where people feel comfortable and can converse face-to-face and debate ideas, is vital.

Defining Transformational Employer Brands

Your brand needs to inspire from the inside out. While your people have a big influence on customer perceptions, I believe that your brand has a role to play in attracting the finest talent.

At royall, we champion our clients’ businesses to build and develop stronger employer brands that reflect the desired employee experience. To that end, we have started to work with some of our top clients to communicate the factors that are most important to potential candidates, and to develop a positive and memorable recruitment experience that’s likely to be shared with their network.

In short, a compelling employer brand experience provides the missing link between a good company and a great place to work, making a significant difference to your business and working to recruit high-calibre employees and engage existing employees.

How Millenial Are You?

With over 100 event management courses available and over 7,500 students currently studying for event management degrees, the Millennial Generation will soon be taking over the work place and the cream of the crop will be in demand, and come with their own demands.

Transparency, firm processes, knowledge sharing and fairness are all sought-after qualities in an employer (as is the ability to dish out responsibility) so a strong employer brand that keeps them engaged, happy and moving forward will see them stick with, and be loyal to, you.

If you’re interested in discovering what else you can do to engage and attract these creative and dynamic brand aware and tech savvy people, then make it a new year’s resolution to drop me a line in 2016.

A Particular Set Of Skills…

Experiential marketing and events demand an eclectic skills set, with professionals working both corporate and agency side and offering a balance of creative, business and technical expertise that is essential for individuals and companies to progress and succeed. While competences associated with strategy, creative and productions remain at the core, there is also a thirst for the industry to swiftly get to grips with emerging skills, particularly within technology.

Consequently, I am driving my team to look for candidates who have an understanding of the whole creative process; being fully aware of how social media can integrate across the marketing platform and how the production needed to pull together events is deployed, plus a decent and demonstrable understanding of ROI are all must-haves for 2016.

At royall, we are in continuous dialogue with our talent base (both active and passive). Indeed, the talent we strive to attract on your behalf aren’t people looking for a new job, they’re the type and calibre of individual who have taken the time to work out what they love and what’s important to them.

They’ve thought about how they can make a difference. They’re not threatened by people more talented than them. They’re good people and pioneer creativity, seek collaboration and have the confidence and integrity to say no if something is not right. And they won’t take themselves too seriously.

Play To Win

As we get older, we have a tendency to become more serious and steer clear of risk but this isn’t a good way to live or to work. Now that I’m a mother of two, I try to see the world through a child’s eyes – never losing my sense of play, having fun and bringing joy to people’s lives.

To see the funny side, to learn from mistakes and to resist conforming too much is, I believe, what can make a true workplace environment thrive – it certainly works for me and, indeed, for royall. After all, if your team is happy, fulfilled and motivated they will be serve you better… Success is nothing without people. Success it really is a people thing!

Jennifer Royall – Managing Director

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