Lottie’s Rise to royall Status! Welcome to the team

Our latest wonderful addition to the royall team tells us her story of how she came to join us:

…….. I wasn’t looking for a job, my sister was! In fact, she’d just secured a new job but decided to attend the interview at royall anyway. I got a (very excited) call from her asking if she could give my email to someone regarding a job? Whilst hesitant, her persuasive nudge to look at the advert and company worked and I agreed she could pass my details across to Naomi.

Of course, once I had looked into the company and industry I was very keen to at least have a chat and see if they wanted to interview me! There was nothing to loose, I had a job I liked with a successful recruitment company and a great team. After the first interview with Susan and Naomi, I was even more excited and would have been devastated if I hadn’t been invited back for a 2nd interview.

Stage 2 was in the form of a presentation about what inspires me and what I’m passionate about. Having done a Business Management Degree I have done more than my fair share of presentations, and I usually love them. However, my past presentations have been based on hard facts and persuasive arguments (with the aid of technology). Somehow, around my busy work schedule and general life I set to brainstorming, plus debating whether talking about my mum was too cliché?

I was nervous – there was a lot riding on this! And when you think about it some of your closest friends probably don’t know your passions and motivations! Well, that week mine certainly found out. I was practicing my presentation at every opportunity, to friends on the phone, colleagues and my steering wheel on my daily hour and a bit commute.

Luckily practicing had ingrained some of the structure in my mind and in the moment autopilot took over, so my brain was given the opportunity to scrutinise every unnecessary hand movement and question why my right foot just wouldn’t stay still! The rest of the interview was providing more detail about the company aims, past successes, future plans and the role, everything sounded great.

I REALLY wanted this job!

Post interview proved a testing period with my boyfriend and family walking on eggshells and putting up with me glued to my phone constantly refreshing my emails awaiting news. I was delighted that I wasn’t kept waiting too long and was ecstatic when I was invited to join the team!

So far there is a lot to take in, thankfully Hannah has put together a comprehensive training guide to get me up to speed. I look forward to becoming a successful member of the team, tackling the variety of challenges from the recruitment arena and providing a driving force to the continued success at royall.

Having being welcomed with open arms and smiling faces (plus pastry goods and bubbles for breakfast) I think it’s safe to say I will get on well here. I am so motivated about my future with royall, and I am keen to show what I have to offer. The chance to nurture talent for our clients provides stimulating challenges while being rewarded knowing we are shaping the future of people and companies.

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