The TREC Conference 2014 – The Best Bits

The Talent, Recruitment & Employment Conference (TREC) 2014 was full of inspiring insights into major brands and how they view the difference between skills and talent, we at royall nabbed a few of the most interesting views to share with you.

” Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to “ Richard Branson: Founder & Chairman, Virgin Group

” Call good leavers 3-6 months after to see how green is the grass you left for? Good source of rehires, flip it on it’s head “ Jenifer Candee: Global Talent Acquisition, SAB Miller

” Technology is just an enabler of your recruitment and engagement processes. Not the solution itself “ Kean August: VP Global Executive Recruiting, SAP

Kevin Green, the CEO of REC, opened the conference and mentioned that his favorite inspiration came from Martin Scorsese’s tough but impressive management style of ” hiring for growth “. ” We were so pleased to have such talent, HR, in house recruiters and agencies all in the same room talking about the best candidates and how to find and keep them – a great day ” said Green

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