10 Steps to Fulfilment at Work

We love looking at ways to develop ourselves, our talent community and client partners. The Blueprint for Better Business has put together 10 simple and practical steps that anyone can use to help them feel more engaged and motivated at work.

10 Steps to Fulfilment at Work

For those interested, the full report (including links to useful podcasts, video and worksheets) is given in link http://www.blueprintforbusiness.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Blueprint_FulfilmentAtWork_Jan2018.pdf

But for those with less time, please find below our summary:

1. Realise your impact. We all make an impact through our choices, our relationships and our behaviour. Understanding these and making positive choices can help us feel more fulfilled.

2. Uncover your purpose at work. Try to understand how your purpose aligns to that of your organisation. If you don’t feel fulfilled, perhaps you need to explore how you can realign.

3. Seek inspiration from new places. The things that you do in your spare time can help you come up with new ideas in your workplace.

4. Be less anxious about giving feedback. Giving feedback is not easy and most of us feel uncomfortable doing it or don’t feel that we handle it well. Tips that can help are, be prepared, be specific, keep it balanced, acknowledge that people have feelings, don’t name or shame, and make it actionable.

5. Slow down to speed up. “People are more fulfilled, and businesses are more productive when action is deliberate and conscious”.

6. Make time for others. Give yourself space and time to build stronger relationships with those you work with. Failure to do this can lead to feelings of isolation and of being disconnected from your team.

7. Address uncomfortable situations. A recent survey of 1000 professionals showed that 55% of people have been asked to do something or witnessed something that made them feel uncomfortable at work: 1 in 6 changed jobs as a result. Other findings from the same survey were:

· Only 10% of company employees think that company decision making is aligned to purpose.

· Only 17% feel that their company understands what motivates them.

· Only 20% believe that financial incentives are motivating.

· 50% do not have a role model at work.

8. Stop managing, start supporting. Giving people the freedom (and support) to be involved in the decision-making process will encourage creativity and innovation as well as a shared sense of responsibility.

9. Look for a new perspective. Actively seek out new perspectives of doing things. This can help build stronger relationships and cultivate a happier workplace.

10. Bring your whole self to work. A recurring theme in large company surveys is the number of disengaged people. This disconnect represents a great loss of human and organisational potential. Bringing our whole selves to work is actually about creating cultures and environments that allow relationships to flourish.

Royall celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, our most purposeful and profitable year to date. Our market needs are ever changing and how and what we deliver has never been

more important. We have welcomed many new clients on board and experienced unprecedented growth with existing client partners. During the last 10 years, we have continued to

develop our purpose:

To engage, qualify and FIT the right people with the right organisation for a better future.

We have attracted and engaged a talented team of C-suite industry experts and purpose practitioners to fulfil this goal, a Leadership Collective to help guide and mentor our clients and their people.

By continuing to partner with you, the best talent and client portfolio in our field, it has enabled us to be successful and continuously improve and offer our learnings where we can.

Please do contact the team at Royall on engage@royall.biz or telephone us on 01243 200077.

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