For individuals who wish to be recognised as purpose-driven leaders, Royall’s Human Fit™ programme delivers a values-based, tangible 360 personal profile, both on and off-line, which clearly articulates the authentic you, and what you do.


An inspirational 1-2-1 coaching programme or retreat designed to revisit values, passion and uncover purpose, through a range of reflective and interactive exercises. We empower you to orientate, focus, energise and motivate the Leader within, as you work towards proactive and strategic promotion, search campaign and/or positioning, and legacy.

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Hominum Vitae

This 1-2-1 personal service takes you through a reflective values-based process to enable us to co-create a modern CV with authentic brand content to strategically position yourself in the marketplace, with a Hominum Vitae™ (£500 + VAT).

We offer:

·         a bespoke service focused on your needs and wants

·         a positive dive into your work experience, personality, values, skills, motivation and developing vocational purpose, by working through a variety of reflective exercises

·         3 x 1-hour personal calls to discuss and review the outcomes into your personal profile

·         a final call to review your Hominum Vitae™ - your modern CV with authentic brand content.

Hominum Bio

This service enables you to follow an inspirational and unique 1-2-1 coaching programme created to recognize and motivate the Leader within and to significantly raise your profile into a Hominum Bio™ (£960 + VAT).

We offer:

·         a personalised service focused on purpose-driven leadership

·         a positive dive into your work experience, personality, strengths, values, skills alongside your motivation towards your ambition by working through a variety of reflective exercises

·         up to 5 x 1 hour personal calls to discuss and review your values, skills and inspiration

·         a 1-day Leadership Retreat to help you appreciate your multiple intelligences, leadership style, traits, impact and how you are perceived, to be more self-aware and purpose driven the co-creation and production of a tangible,  authentic brand, a Hominum Bio™, with a clearly articulated and strategic direction of travel to meet your goals and ambition

So let us help you…..


Develop your personal profile to ensure you:

  • pass the 30 second litmus test

  • are in a better position to secure an interview, if you are actively looking

  • channel the best and relevant dialogue in an interview

  • are ready in case you are head-hunted, or things change, and you need to begin a search

  • are in the best negotiating position.

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For recruitment enquiries please contact or 01243 200077