The UK Events industry is worth approximately £42.3bn to the economy and the Recruitment industry, around £32.2bn.

Royall are leading the way in both industries.  For the past 2 years in a row recruitment has been the biggest challenge for organisations and brands in the events and communications industry.


Mike Kunheim Global CEO of one our clients Jack Morton, with a £70m, UK events-based turnover, says

‘It is not just about recruitment anymore, it is now all about the ‘win’ in the attraction, retention and development of the best talent in the industry’. 



State of Events Industry Report 2018

Fascinating facts about the industry we love and serve.  Recruitment is a top challenge again this year as we head into 2019...

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Forbes- Why I believe in noble purpose

Do you have a “Noble Purpose?”  Or do you just sell stuff?


White Paper from Centre for Creative Leadership:

Empathy in the Workplace: A Tool for Effective Leadership

Managers may be surprised that so many of their peers are underperforming. It’s a smart move for individual managers then, to figure out how they rank and what skills are needed to improve their chances of success. One of those skills, perhaps unexpectedly, is empathy.

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Sustainable Development Article

Royall’s purpose "To lift Human Spirit and Elevate Organisation Potential. Inspiring Confidence, Choice, Connectivity within our Client and Talent Community.

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A Blueprint for Better Business – Five principles of a Purpose Driven Business

How do businesses have a purpose which delivers long-term sustainable performance?


6 Companies that 'Get' Employee Engagement

Companies such as Google and Virgin are prime examples of extraordinary employee engagement, reaping real benefits. Find out how these, and other leading companies are getting the most out of their employees.


Deloitte Report - 2030 Purpose: Good Business and a Better Future

What is your commitment to sustainable development? It has been proven that purposeful organisations and purpose driven leaders are more successful, profitable, and happy. As an organisation or leader do you know your why for existing, your noble purpose?


Forbes - How Noble Purpose Creates a High Performance Sales Culture

What is your Noble Cause? What does your leadership team talk about in meetings? Do they spend the majority of their time discussing sales results or customer outcomes?

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UK Events Industry: The Facts

What is the UK events industry worth to the UK, how many people work in this large industry, and how many business events are held each year?