Globally, 60% of employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged at work.

Gallup 2020

Our resolute team of advisors, in creative, strategic planning, client engagement, business development, operations, and production, can work with your existing leadership team to develop transformative ways of working. This will better enable people engagement, internal communications, business transformation, and growth & development planning to move forward at pace.


Developing a 'Clear and concise roadmap' in an easy to digest and onboard at all levels, ‘OUR PLAN’ to empower people, culture, and business transformation. This will clearly link purpose, values, and vision to organisational and business metrics (KPI’s).

  1. Enhance employee wellbeing – with bespoke ‘employee life experience’ which enables the organisation to provide the best value to their people, so they in turn provide their best value to their clients.

  2. Activate ‘Organisational Purpose & Balance’.

  3. Navigate Digital Communications Solutions and Creative/Digital Tech



  • Revive, align, and fulfil your leadership team, with clear, concise people, culture and business strategy and Bios for the post covid era.

  • Engage your people behind shared beliefs, tangible goals, and values.

  • Create an employee ‘life experience’ which ensures they provide their best value in return for your best value provided to them.

  • Ignite individual purpose, within your people, connect that to your corporate purpose and their objectives and human needs, so that they can see and experience how they make a difference.

  • Measure what matters & show that things are getting better.

  • Develop a compelling people plan that permeates your brand & business - one that tells your authentic story across all channels.

  • Develop an employee value proposition and all associates assets which influences attraction and retention.

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“We have known Jen for some time, and her team at Royall have acted and advised us for years.  We have always known Jen to be an extremely trusted professional and considered in all dealings in her role, as Ambassador for ROYALL, always having the best interest of people and client at heart. I recently contacted Jen to assist us with ongoing future proofing and to provide the best SOLUTION to enable ‘Organisational balance’ with a Triple ‘R’ strategy, Reset, Rebuild, Reboot. To develop a cohesive roadmap for our People, Culture, Business brand and Sustainability.   


This enhanced team and plan will take our business to the next level of growth, as we emerge out of the PANDEMIC and look at a ‘new normal’ future.   Jen had the solution with the Royall 'Resolute' team I have been working with Jen and the Royall ‘Resolute’ model and have been introduced to some AMAZING creative and strategic talent, who Jen architected into a first-class management team of top-quality Executive Director’s to deliver their strategic OUR PLAN direction required for our people and client community,  I am BLOWN away with the commitment of the NEW team’s enthusiasm and work ethic presented for our business. 


I feel blessed and fortunate in the short space of time that Jen and her team have had presented a plan that will deliver a new sense of PURPOSE for re-setting new VALUES, RESPECT, TRUST, INTEIGRTY and BEHAVIOURS and activating operational and measurable purpose to engage our people AND COMMUNICATE CLEARLY WITH THEM, evolve what we do, and exceed client’s expectations. I am so impressed by this huge effort to get this plan off the ground it is not a quick fix, the strategic direction has been proven with very trusted people.  


There is already a sense of excitement in the team developing trust and respect into the infastructure of the team I am sure this will resonate with our existing people and go on to create new business opportunity client’s will believe in a transparent approach that is inbuilt with integrity, a company to be trusted and valued and to partner with for the long term.   

Dave Sargent, CEO DSA - June 2021