Globally, 85% of employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged at work.

Our RESOLUTE team of C-suite agency subject matter experts; in creative, strategic planning, client engagement, business development, operations and production, are able to work with your existing leadership team; to enable internal communications, people engagement, business transformation, growth & development planning to move forward at pace. They are also able to partner with your client facing teams to help you win more pitches, and manage external projects, live events and campaigns.


  • Purpose, Values & Vision planning

  • Engagement Appraisal (Vitals)

  • Organisation planning

  • Brand & communications strategy

  • Leadership mentoring & coaching

  • People engagement

With a knowledge rather than assumption philosophy, our RESOLUTE team of subject matter experts, can create and deploy flexible agile teams to help organisations develop and deliver a bespoke people engagement plan. This plan will clearly link purpose, values & vision to organisational and business metrics. It will also enable articulation of an organisation’s authentic story via its employer brand and employee value proposition.





  • Engage your people behind shared beliefs, goals and values

  • Ensure that people can see how they make a difference

  • Measure what matters & show that things are getting better

  • Develop a compelling people plan that permeates your brand & business - one that tells your authentic story across all channels

  • Develop an employee value proposition that influences attraction and retention


For individuals who wish to be recognised as purpose-driven leaders, Royall’s Human Fit™ programme delivers a values-based, tangible 360 personal profile, both on and off-line, which clearly articulates the authentic you, and what you do.


An inspirational 1-2-1 coaching programme or retreat designed to revisit values, passion and uncover purpose, through a range of reflective and interactive exercises. We empower you to orientate, focus, energise and motivate the Leader within, as you work towards proactive and strategic promotion, search campaign and/or positioning, and legacy.  


This service enables you to follow an inspirational and unique 1-2-1 coaching programme created to recognize and motivate the Leader within and to significantly raise your profile into a Hominum Bio™ 

We offer

  • a personalised service focused on purpose-driven leadership

  • a positive dive into your work experience, personality, strengths, values, skills alongside your motivation towards your ambition by working through a variety of reflective exercises

  • up to 5 x 1 hour personal calls to discuss and review your values, skills and inspiration

  • a 1-day Leadership Retreat to help you appreciate your multiple intelligences, leadership style, traits, impact and how you are perceived, to be more self-aware and purpose driven 

  • the co-creation and production of a tangible,  authentic brand, a Hominum Bio™, with a clearly articulated and strategic direction of travel to meet your goals and ambition


This 1-2-1 personal service takes you through a reflective values-based process to enable us to co-create a modern CV with authentic personal brand to strategically position yourself in the marketplace, with a Hominum Vitae™ 

We offer

  • a bespoke service focused on your needs & wants

  • a positive dive into your work experience, personality, values, skills, motivation and developing vocational purpose, by working through a variety of reflective exercises

  • 3 x 1 hour personal calls to discuss and review the outcomes into your personal profile

  • a final call to review your Hominum Vitae™ - your modern CV with authentic brand content.


John Bates

"Human Fit for Purpose is a leadership experience that helped me focus on the things that make me both successful and happy.  

An authentic process, which over a short period of time has helped redefine my value proposition and purpose, connecting it precisely with what employers and employees are looking for from the next generation organisations and talent.

I could not recommend Royall or Human Fit™ for Purpose more highly."

Joe Troedson

"I undertook the HFfP programme with eyes wide open and yet was still pleasantly surprised by the process and the resulting HB output.


Working with Charlotte was an absolute pleasure, she is empathetic and patient yet still manages to drive you forwards to the end goal.


I would have no hesitation in recommending the programme to peers in the future."

Chris Zachar

"Having been part of many leadership development sessions in my career (most of which were box ticking exercises), it was refreshing to be part of the Human Fit process.  The pre-work and 121 calls with Charlotte challenged me to actually take some time out to reflect, which is probably one of the biggest benefits of the programme…..reflecting on me, as opposed to a quick fire response, or maybe how I think I should respond to meet the perceptions of my peers.  With this focus on me, as opposed how I fit into a specific group, the day at Goodwood challenged my thinking further, not only focusing on the leadership and personal qualities I was aware of, but by really drilling down into my business experiences, it also drew out a broader set of skills and characteristics, resulting in a very personal summary with real clarity.  So much more than just being a Yellow!" 

Adam Proto

"I have just come back from a Human Fit session with the amazing Charlotte. 


Human Fit is a fantastic concept that takes those of us who have jostled our way into senior positions, on a journey of self-assessment. The focus is purely at a one to one level, which is in fact quite liberating in itself.


The program is not without some homework, using the comprehensive tools Charlotte provides you, to do some self-analysis. This work is vital in unravelling our complicated selves. It captures insights that we know about ourselves, but more importantly for me, it highlighted what I didn’t know. Positive in the main, and truly helpful.


I enjoyed the infectious, unscripted open discussions. They reveal that we all tend to have the same thought and niggles which suddenly is put into context in a brilliant environment.


Post event, I feel like I have a definite direction, I need to get some ideas off the back burner (and I feel enabled). I have more insights into me and how I work, what makes me and others happy, which, defines what projects and roles I should be entertaining.


My leadership techniques are more robust, and I feel I understand humans a whole lot more. The Human Fit program is not an executive therapy, it is a well thought out program that rekindles your purpose and orientates your compass.


The written information I now provide new clients goes far beyond a CV or portfolio of work. I can now tell them how I work as a person, what I bring to the table and how I execute leadership.


It goes without saying that I thoroughly recommend the Human Fit Programme."


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