Talent can’t be taught,

but it can be awakened.

We love humans and we ‘lift human spirit’. 

Why because 100,000 years ago, at least six human species inhabited the earth.

Today there is just one.


Royall care for why they exist?

What do they want to do? What do they want to change? Where do they want to be and what’s their ‘Why’?


What’s their passion, purpose, and promise?  Only then do we bring them to you.




How exciting that the widening festival landscape brings new opportunities for brand activations – ‘playing to the humans’. No longer the preserve of youth, nor for those merely extending into the kidulting years, the festival demographic has mushroomed over the past decade, and this in turn has opened the market for brands looking to activate in a festival environment.   Across the summer, everything from white goods through to toothpaste, fashion to consumer electronics will be promoted to festival-goers as the shifting and widening demographic has allowed less obvious brands to enter the field. Festival culture has evolved and for many groups, the annual summer gathering has become a lifestyle option and with it comes the expectation that brands will be present, delivering tangible services and experiences to enhance the event itself.   Mike White, founding partner of Lively explains: "The relationship between brands and festivals has also become more refined –it’s often less overtly promotional and more about forming brand partnerships that will gain a mutual benefit from engaging the same demographic.

" Brand partnerships that enhance the overall festival experience are actively encouraged at several music festivals, such as Camp Bestival, which last year hosted Holiday Island by First Choice Holidays. Ziggy Gilsenan, managing director of Get Involved and Camp Bestival co-promoter, describes a collaborative approach: "We work with House of Bestival, our agency, to work with the brands as partners and really understand their objectives from concept through to activation. Each brand must be a natural fit for Camp Bestival."


And while existing festivals are keen to welcome in the brands, for some, such as Hendrick’s Gin, the opportunity to create their own festival experience is proving irresistible, giving both the opportunity to invest in a bespoke audience while also creating shareable content. Future growth. And consumers’ insatiable thirst for these new festival experiences will in turn fuel the continued growth of festivals, believes Exposure X director James Wallingford. "With the continued growth of the festival landscape and the industry’s natural progression into a wider range of cultural touchpoints, the experience is going to become deeper. Consumers will look for new ways to have unique festival experiences. This is a interesting time for brands and festival owners to take a different approach, no longer do consumers want or expect a festival in a field.  "Music tourism continues to increase and is now an established revenue stream for festival organisers. The travel and festival industries are set to become great partners; the Coachella Festival has already partnered with Celebrity Cruises, hosting 3,000 festival-goers on a cruise to the Bahamas ensuring their audiences will continue to have an amazing experience the world over."   


Of course, no glance forward to 2025 could ignore the advances that the latest tech will deliver. RPM strategist Jocelyn Turlan believes emerging technologies will provide the opportunity to personalise the festival experience on a truly detailed scale: "We can easily imagine that huge advancements in technology will allow programmatic to be applied to experiential marketing. This will probably enable a level of personalisation and customisation of brand experiences never seen before. Brands will create a unique story but they’ll be able to execute and deliver it in as many ways as required by their audience segmentations.


We don’t call it ‘events’, or ‘experiential’ or ‘brand experience’ we call it ‘sustained engagement’

and the following talent could be your next human fit.


Lisa is a dynamic and versatile senior event professional, who has worked for Touch Associates until recently, where she has been part of the success story, seeing an increase in the business from 30 to 120 heads in the time she has worked for them. She leads a very fast-paced project based team, and is significantly involved in overseeing key events with many lead clients, and before her recent departure, she maintained the stakeholder relationship for Touch. Lisa feels strongly about the development role she has played with her team, nurturing and appraising staff from Senior Project Managers to Project Executives, which is something she is keen to continue within another agency.  Whilst her most recent team comprises of 6 heads, she has managed up to 35 reports in the past and thrives on complex team management of team managing different client portfolios.  The clients Lisa has worked with are cross sector, including pharmaceutical and IT, and the nature of the events she is involved in are varied, and include conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies and incentive programmes, with a value often more than £1 million.  As you would expect at this level.  With both senior delivery and client relationship experience as part of her skillset, and having experienced the end to end event cycle for over 20 years, Lisa is a confident and versatile candidate, who is familiar with the demands of running flagship accounts. She is super polished, highly energetic but calm and considered in her nature.  Her commercial acumen and ability to work with a demanding client base is certainly a key strength she brings to the role.  Interestingly, Lisa has had exposure to social media and technology clients, so is quite innovative in her approach during her experience of working at BCD, where she worked closely with both Sony PlayStation and Sony.  Due to a significant re structure at Touch, Lisa decided to look at opportunities outside the agency, and she is keen to take on a demanding role which will utilise her range of event skills and offer her to opportunity to extend her knowledge.  Lisa is available immediately and is looking at opportunities at £70-75k.




A super senior level producer, who is extremely talented, with a rare mix of strong client handling and production skills. Her production background and experience enable her to design and produce events and experiences in a far deeper way.  Her experience spans over 10 years, including strong agency experience, with budget handling and control up to £2.5mas a team with Charlotte at the helm and lead and circa £1.5m holding the ownership of the budget file, and production spends up to £700k.  Charlotte is equally at home producing and delivering events all over the UK, be they creative, or more traditional types of event, with good international experience working with different suppliers in various locations all over Europe and further afield.  Charlotte enjoys managing team; largest team she has managed directly herself was 6-8, always has a strong black book of contractors that she is fully engaged with and can manage up to 150 people onsite. She is looking for contract opportunities, but ideally permanent as she is really keen to settle down now and develop a legacy within the right organisation. Immediately available and looking for £65k. What we love about Charlotte is her energy and passion for events production, she is excited at the thought of a fresh new challenge, meeting new people and is highly energised.



Ross is a high profile senior Events candidate, used to working in a Director level role a George P Johnson, prior to which he was Client Services Director for Project Worldwide, where he was significantly involved in the growth and success of the IBM account over a 5-year period, nurturing senior stakeholders within the technology group, and actively pursuing growth within the account itself.  A polished and articulate candidate, used to managing large teams as part of his event career, Ross has more recently set up an event agency, where he took responsibility for key account delivery and was pivotal in leading pitches and managing budgets, ensuring the profitability of the projects he was involved in, in addition to extending brand awareness within the agency. Entrepreneurial by nature, Ross is used to working at pace and combining a strategic approach with being hands on and being the overall lead on events.

Ross was integral to the acquisition of a number of key clients at GPJ, including Samsung, Lamborghini, and Toshiba.  He managed client relationships on a global basis and understands the necessity to combine seamless delivery with ensuring that you can drive an account successfully, and be part of the strategic output of the agency. Working on wide ranging projects from conferences, exhibitions and product launches, Ross also has significant digital media integration experience, and is used to working for a large high-end agency, in addition to appreciating the demands that a small boutique agency brings.    

Seeking a salary of £70,000 and available at short notice, Ross is a stand out candidate and with senior gravitas and maturity.



Mike is a dynamic, high profile candidate, with a background as a Director within a small number of high profile event agencies over the last 16 years, rending him a particularly attractive prospect within the calibre agency market.

From developing a start up at Live Communications in 2000, where he was a leading figure in turning the agency into a highly profitable situation, in excess of £2 million and a good reputation within the event sector.

Mike is particularly associated with experience and brand led events through to exposure as a Client Services Director at Imagination and more recently, over the last 10 years, as a Director at Firehouse, where again, Mike’s direct involvement in developing the profile and content of the business from what was broadly a film production company, to a highly regarded internal communications agency is where his success lies, which has included seeing turnover grow by over 300%. Working with high profile clients across his career, which have spanned corporate, automotive, pharma, finance, banking and media.

Mike is at the point in his career where he is looking for a stimulating role with a medium/large agency and where he can make a positive impact and drive business development forward within the organisation. A truly charming and modest individual, Mike has respect for BCD and is particularly interested in the Business Development Director role.  Mike is seeking a salary of circa £70,000 and is available with limited notice.



Charles is someone who has as much talent as he has humour. He’s full charged, self-motivated, creative and meticulous Senior/Production Director with thirteen year’s industry experience and possesses a relevant Business and Marketing Degree. We find him to be highly personable and skilled in directing projects from initial inception to successful completion by providing vast management support and guidance to Heads of Events and Departments and then wider Project Management Teams. Charles displays relentless drive, and passion for event production, ensuring projects and tasks are accomplished to the highest quality, within budget, effectively organised and time managed. Experienced in global markets, delivering service’s across a number of sectors including, FMCG, TECH, Beverage and Event & Services, working for global brands such as; Jack Daniel’s, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Money Supermarket and Hendricks. Can contribute strong interpersonal and analytical skills, thrives on social interaction and customer satisfaction. Displays commitment, is actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycles, works tirelessly to manage stakeholder expectations. He can bed into any Senior Management Team as an accomplished Director & Senior Manager overseeing teams of up to 40 employees.  Complex project budget management and delivery of £3M+ across multiple accounts and sectors.  Project Management of the Award Winning Jack Daniel’s ‘Jack Rock’s Your Town’ securing exclusive performances by the band Rival Sons which generated over 3.6 million views of the digital content for ‘Jack Rock’s Your Town’ and PR reached 78 million people.   Created for Tesco a “Christmas in July” concept creating a massive indoor winter forest landscape across 3 floors of the store supported by 65 Tesco colleagues and 400 media guests which received outstanding accolades within the PR industry.  Highly skilled in pitching and listening to the ideas of others, can effectively conceptualise and quickly produce accurate pricing forecasts and accurately outline project time scales, achieves all targets set. Charles is partnering exclusively with Royall to manage his search to find the right agency and senior production management role. Salary £80k plus.




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