Royall was founded in 2009 and in the depths of a recession. We’ve been through tough times, and not only survived, we have learned and developed. However, none is tougher than now.

Covid-19 is a health crisis resulting in a financial crisis and it has had a huge impact on the industry we serve and love.

Today the presenting issue is how to avoid duplicating the patterns of the past. Instead, we need to ensure that this time the burdens are more equitably shared, and the recovery process is one that aims to serve the broadest common good.

At the societal level, this burden sharing is between government, businesses, and people.
At the company level, it is about how the organisation approaches the very difficult trade-offs and balances to ensure a sustainable future, a profitable business, and engage and motivate their people in the most difficult of times.

In their instinctive response to the crisis many people and organisations are adopting ways of thinking and acting, which are deeply human centred.

As our clients emerge from the crisis, will this newfound energy and plans of solidarity and commitment to a range of stakeholders persist? 

A key priority for Royall is to support our clients and others who are now looking differently at their priorities.

Royall acts as an employer brand ambassador representing your organisation at all times.

Our team work to a robust set of values and ethical behaviours; most importantly we place integrity at the heart of all we do.

We align with the principles of The Good Recruitment Campaign

(as devised and developed by The Good Recruitment Campaign Advisory Panel, REC).


“WRG is a live communications agency with ambitious growth plans. New to the Events industry, I found the industry knowledge that Jen and her team provided extremely helpful. They demonstrate great enthusiasm and tenacity when seeking the perfect candidates for us.

They always take a thorough and accurate brief and only send us high quality, suitable candidates, thereby reducing the need for extended shortlisting sessions. They show remarkable patience when we are hard to track down and it is an absolute pleasure to working with Royall.”

Margaret Lawless – HR Consultant

We are focussed. We get involved.

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